Monday, 28 September 2015

Weekend Fun!

Good Afternoon,

I had a lovely weekend, it was busy yet relaxing if that makes sense. Which means I managed to get things done but at my own pace.

Friday night was the start of Strictly Come Dancing (you will discover I am a huge fan sorry!) so it was a easy dinner and than a glass of fizz to start the new series off.

Saturday dawned a lovely sunny Autumn day, hubbie and pickle popped up the town which give me a chance for a sneaky cup of tea in bed to start the day.
I managed to get loads of washing done and put pickles summer clothes away and got the winter/autumn clothes out.

I just want to mention something, I know over the last few months, I have posted about feeling poorly, I have been diagnosed with IBS, but am still in pain and am in the process of going for further tests, just wanted to let you know in case you thought goodness she is always poorly!

Anyway onto nicer topics and Saturday night we visited friends for the girls to catch up and the men to watch the Rugby, said friend was very happy with the wrist warmers I made, what was good news.

Sunday was another lovely sunny day, pickle enjoyed getting the garden, I managed to cut some of the last summer blooms
The tree is so full of berries, I love the brightness of the blue sky behind.

As always no weekend goes by without some baking, these are apple and cinnamon cupcakes and chocolate marble cakes, waiting to be iced.

I am so into Roast dinners at the moment, here is our lamb and tatties..

 I have joined the Spice of Life CAL, my first one and I am really enjoying it, here is part 2 finished. Can't wait for Tuesday go start the next part.

Will that's it from me for now, hope you all had a nice weekend! thanks so much for the comments and stopping by!