Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It feels like Spring!

Good Afternoon,

As I sit here typing up this post, I have the window open, the sun is shining and the birds are singing loudly in the trees outside... It feels like spring!

Like I said I spent Sunday decorating the house for Easter this weekend, I am going to make my Simnel cake on Thursday, ready for Good Friday.

Here are some photos from my Easter decorated home...

Here is the Easter tree with pretty eggs I have collected over the years.

2 lots of Daffadils, I just love them, they are such a cheerful flower and very cheap!, I have added bunnies and chicks around them.

Here are 2 baskets full of pretty eggs, chicks and bunnies, the Fabric bunnies I made myself, pickle enjoyed putting these designs together.

These belong to pickle for Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday.

This a little decoration pickle made a couple of years ago now

And below is the oldest Easter decoration a pretty tin box which did come with chocolate eggs in, which are long gone now.

Well I really hope you like the decorations, and that you have a nice Easter.
I can't wait for the long weekend and spending time together.
Have Fun!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Weekend Fun!

Good Afternoon,

Well I had a nice weekend, it was emotional to be fair but that was to be expected.

We set off to Brighton for my late friends daughter's birthday, there was lots of laughing and fun, They went to Build a Bear, which was chaos to say the least but bears where stuffed, named and clothes brought.

Then it was off to lunch at Bella Italian, which was really nice the girls had fun, dressing the bears, eating pasta and lots of chocolate for pudding.

This little girl is a true inspiration of strength, it's just so amazing!

We made a quick stop off at Choccywoccydoodah, which most of them had not been to before and loved seeing all the things made out of chocolate including this huge easter egg - £10,000 to buy!

I made some chocolate cupcakes for her birthday, and to give to her friends.
It's safe to say they had a good time, obviously one person was very missed indeed.

I came home to find hubbie had done the housework and the glow of candles filled the room.

On Sunday I chilled out doing cupcakes for us, sewing, crochet and making roast dinner.

I have been sewing Easter bunnies, which I will post on tomorrow, and crocheting my second blanket.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

It's Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend doing some Easter decorating with eggs and bunnies etc, also it's my friend who passed away daughter's birthday and we are going to Brighton for the day shopping and lunch, which will seem strange but we will get there.

I am hoping to be doing some of this............sock knitting and relaxing!

Well it's time for Five on Friday again joining Amy at Love made my home. so here are some pictures from me that I have taken this week,


As I personally don't drive, I spend alot of time walking everywhere, so I really enjoy it when I see lovely floral displays like these popping up this time of year!


As it was book week the other week, Pickle got a new book and so did I, it's by the same Author who wrote, Secrets of the Singer Girls, I really loved that book and this one is so good, with the same people in it, set in the East End during the war.   As you can see I am also fond of a magazine or two...


I though the sunlight in the picture was great, it was from earlier in the week, when the sun was out and I couldn't help but feel like spring is nearly here.


Last night I really fancied apple crumble, this will probably last one now until Autumn but it was comforting after a long day.


I managed to get the time to boil a couple of eggs the other day ready for pickle to paint, This is the result, we have never done painted eggs before.

Well that's me done for this week, I really hope you all have a nice weekend and catch up with you soon.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patrick Day!

Good Afternoon,

Happy St Patricks Day to you all!

Well I am sure Hubbie will enjoy a pint of Guinness tonight to celebrate, he is not Irish but my granddad was, he passed away when I was about 2 years old.  He was part of the Sheedy family from Fethard in Southern Ireland.

The stories about him are talked about often when my mum, sister and me get together....he did like a drink that's for sure!
He came over to London when he was young and worked as a barman in local pub the Heber Arms in East Dulwich where he met my Nan who used to play the piano in there.

I don't think her family was too happy when they married but their marriage stood the test of time though the war and beyond.  They had my mum and her brother.  Her brother sadly died in a motorbike accident before she married my dad, so I never got the chance to meet him.

I am thinking of my granddad and uncle today and will raise a glass to him tonight!

I have never been to Ireland but hope to one day, to see where my family came from, I hear it's very nice.

Image result for shamrock

So hope you have a very nice day, and it's Friday tomorrow = Yay!


Monday, 14 March 2016

Spring is here!

Good Afternoon,

Well it been such a spring like weekend, lot's of Sunshine...Daffdils everywhere.

We had a family lunch out on Saturday which was nice, as it meant pickle got to see her Nanny, Auntie and Cousin, we went to Prezzo which is an italian here in the UK.  It was nice, I had pasta with prawns, no photo's I am sad to say.

That was pretty much Saturday, seeing family and enjoying time together, laughing and joking.

Sunday dawned another bright spring like day, and I had promised pickle to take her out on her bike... however on getting the bike out of the garage for the first time this year, the front tyre was flat, hubbie to the rescue!, so after little bit of gardening we managed to go out for about an hour...

After this we had Sunday Roast Beef with Yorkshire puddings and veg all yummy, and I even managed to bake banana bread a favourite in our house and a great way to use up bananas that have seen better days...

This is my slice I am about eat with a cup of tea.

I have to share with you all, our love of Nutella, and look at the size of this jar, we got it from Lidl, we just love the stuff, pickle has it on her banana bread today!

Well I do really hope spring is here to stay now...I do not want any return of winter... I will be putting up my Easter decorations soon, so more bunnie posts to follow....

Have a nice Monday, and catch up in a couple of days...

Friday, 11 March 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Well here we are it's Friday...........YAY!!!!!!!!

After the lovely weekend last week, being my birthday and Mother's Day down the caravan, oh happy days! I miss it so much already.

Here is a mixture of things for this weeks Five on Friday!, I am joining Amy at Love made my home
taking a couple of minutes to share five things with you all.

Here we go!


Here is pickle playing pool! Just like her daddy, she loves it.


I have started a Hitchhiker scarf which is great fun, and the wool I am using is so lovely by Norah George.  I just love the way the colour changes.


Looking forward to making another Simmel cake this Easter, I really love Easter with the bunnies, chicks and chocolate of course.

I had this little house a couple of weeks ago, such a joy to make, I really need to do more sewing!


Dreaming of summer days in the garden......

At the moment though you would sink in the mud bath that's my lawn.

Well that's it for today, hope you liked them.
thanks for stopping by and have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mother's Day and Birthday weekend!

Good Afternoon,

It's a been a little while but I was away for the weekend, it was my birthday on Sunday as well as Mother Day which has never happened before, so we thought we would have a long weekend away.

We stayed in Three Oaks, in Sussex and very nice Caravan and had the best time!

We arrived on Friday, to free sweet table in the clubhouse with popcorn and candyfloss!

Here are some pictures from inside the caravan.

It had central heating, double glazing - Amazing!

We had lovely weather, cold but sunny, every morning at 8.30am these ducks would walk up the road to another caravan up the way and the woman would feed them, so cute!

We went on walks, pickle played on the swings and we went swimming it was so relaxing!

On Mother Day/ My Birthday, pickle made me breakfast and tea and I even managed to finish my pair of socks.

We had Sunday lunch and a game of pool.

 Yes she is wearing heelies

The last 2 pictures are of my and pickle on Mother's Day! I even won £7.50 on bingo!

It was so nice just to spend time together and relaxing.

Well that was my lovely weekend, back to work now!
Catch up soon

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tuesday Thoughs = Hello Spring...

Good Afternoon,

Well today couldn't be anymore less spring if it tried, it's grey, wet and windy, here is the view from my office.Yuk.

However home is a different story, my fabric hearts have been put away for another year, so now it's time for bunnies and Easter eggs.

I love March, I look forward to all the new green leaves springing into life, and flowers popping out of the ground to say hello. It also happens to be my Birthday this coming Sunday (yes the same day as Mother Day).

These bunnies I made last Easter, and over the coming weeks, the Easter things will be finding there way around the house.

On Saturday we popped to a local village called Alfriston, it's so charming, set in the south downs, here is the green with the church.  I just love that we live in the countryside and close to the sea.
here is the main town centre, it's full of small shops to look around, tea rooms serving Afternoon Tea, country pubs with log fires...

Outside the bookshop was this box drop box all made out of wood, it's amazing detail.

Also on the green was this old war mine, pickle find it very interesting.

We stopped for a drink in a little pub, and then made our way home in time for the Rugby match in the afternoon.

A friend of mine had a little baby boy a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to make some little booties, I so wish I had been able to knit, crochet and sew when pickle was a baby, oh well nevermind.

Well, I hope you are having a nice day, Here are some more bright daffadils to cheer you up!

I am having problems with the comments part of my blog any idea, I could see comments the other day now I can't, one of lifes oddies I guess.