Monday, 29 February 2016

Scavenger Hunt - February 2016

Good Afternoon,

I am joining Made with Love for this months Scavenger Hunt,

Here are my finds...


Here is some lovely green wool I have brought to make socks


Two little blue booties for a friends little baby, that I crocheted.

Very cool and frosty morning in Sussex

Somewhere we went

We went to a lovely downland village called Alfriston, it's so sweet lots of little shops.


Looking up at the beautiful blue sky!


My heart picture frame in the loungex
From a low Angle

This was on a wall in Alfriston it's a box drop box.

On a Shelf

Daffadils on on Window shelf at work, such a happy flower.


The writing in my book collection, that's ever growing.

The wool inside my current wool basket.


This was a wall display in a pub we had lunch in sometime ago.

Heart shapes for February.

So that's my collection for this month, hope you like it, also is anyone having problems with comments on their blogs, I seem to have lost mine???
Have a nice Monday

Friday, 26 February 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Well here we are again it's Friday - YAY!, I am looking forward to a nice homemade curry tonight with all the extras yummy.

I am joining Amy at Love made my home, for my Five on Friday.  I love this post as it's such fun sharing with everyone info about me and my part of the world.

It's been a cold week here, frosty most mornings...and I am finally getting over my chest infection, I cannot wait for warmer weather, I like winter but my body does not!

My number 1 - is of the weather this week - this is my sad looking garden, I can't wait for it to look full of colour again.

Number Two

I have been working on new cushion covers for the lounge something with spring colours, here is one done.

I love sewing, I just don't seem to get enough time to do more, I have cut out another lot of squares ready to sew for the next one.

Number Three

I am already thinking of spring and Easter, take a look at these cupcakes I baked for pickle this week. I on't know about you but I love Mini Eggs...

Number Four

Have been watching the latest Mary Berry TV programme and decided to make this Cranberry and Coconut Bar, it's very sweet (think I added too much golden syrup) and it's a cross between flapjacks and Rice Crisp cake.

Number Five
Well it will soon be time for my fabric hearts to go away for another year :(

But it will be time for the bunny's to come out and play!
I am sure Mittens will have great fun with the eggs again, I end up finding them everywhere!
Hope you enjoyed my Five on Friday, have a nice weekend

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Life366 Project - Week 8

Good Afternoon,

Sorry I have been absent again, got the dreaded bugs in our house, which for me means Chest infection, but popping the pills and starting to feel better today.

This is also helped by the fact the sun is shining brightly and feels like spring!

Thursday 18th February.

Half Term and pickle had a friend for the day, which result in bath bomb making, bowling and lunch out!
This is the daughter of the friend I lost to cancer in November last year, they are so alike it funny, pickle is on the left.

Friday 19th February

It dawned a very frosty day.
But finished my Patchwork cushion too
Saturday 20th February

My cold had taken route this day so not much to say.
But here are some wristwarmers for pickles friend above that I made.
Sunday 21st February

A day of rest and roast dinner, no pictures of this.
Made some cupcakes with Mini Eggs
Monday 22nd February,

Look what the postman delivered so happy!
Tuesday 23rd February

Have been recording Mary Berry on TV and had to make this flapjack/rice crisp crunch
Wednesday 24th February

Back to work as starting to get better, so was glad to be home for a large mug of tea and Country living magazine.

Well that's been my week, so looking forward to the weekend already, and spring as I am fed up with being poorly.  Anyway time for lunch which is tomato soup - yummy!
Take care and catch up again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Half Term = Happy

Good Afternoon,

Yay I finish work today to spend sometime with my pickle, so looking forward to lazy mornings, not rushing around for next couple of days.

This was pickle last Friday, she wanted her hair curly for school!

I can't believe she will be 10 years old 3 months today! the time has gone by too quickly.

I made us some cupcakes to enjoy while we are off, Coffee, vanilla and Caramel.

It's been cold here in Sussex this week so far, no snow but cold and didn't help that the boiler broke at work so was very cold.

On the needles at the moment I am knitting 2 pairs of socks, the blues are for me and this is the 2nd sock, and the grey are for pickle.

So the plan is to go indoor bowling tomorrow followed by some lunch as pickle has a friend to play and then Friday my mum is popping over which will be lovely to catch up.

Harry Potter is popular in our house at the moment (we are late to the Harry Potter party) we are watching the 2nd film and reading the book. I have found some Harry Potter theme yarn from Norah George on Etsy which I may have to purchase.

Another good discovery was Little Box of Crochet  it's been over Instragram and I have been waiting to subscribe so hopefully this month it will workout, I cannot wait to get one of their little boxes though the post.

Well I hope you are all enjoying February and catch up later in the week.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good Afternoon,

It's a bit later than normal, but been busy this morning,  I hope you all had a nice weekend and if you celebrated it Valentines Day!

I am joining with Diary of a stay at home Mom and setting my week ahead and some thoughts.

The weather.....Is cold and frosty today, doesn't help that the work boiler is broken so we have no central heating.

Right now I am....Typing this blog post and enjoying a cup of Yorkshire Tea!

Thinking.... That it's half term and I wish I was at home with my pickle, oh well only a couple of work days until I am off.

On my reading pile.... Lots of patterns I want to look though for some cloth ideas to make.

On my TV.....Call the Midwife, such a good show on Sunday, and it's a real eye opener on how times have 
changed in NHS and medicine.

Favourite thing last week..........  Finishing this waistcoat for hubbies Valentines present.

Something fun to share.... I really want to make some more clothes this year.  I have an ultrasound on Wednesday morning as I am having issues with my Gallbladder, I think it's all related to my ongoing Diverticular Disease issues, but we'll see.

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....Haven't had the time really this week.

On the menu for this week....

Monday - Fish and mash
Tuesday - Shepherds pie
Wednesday - Lamb Steaks
Thursday - Chicken Curry and rice
Friday - Ham, egg and chips
Saturday - takeaway maybe
Sunday - Roast as always

On my to do list.... Sort out pickles clothes and take to charity shop.

In the craft basket... Still my socks and patchwork cushion covers for the lounge

Looking forward to this week....Spending sometime with pickle, and doing some fun things.

Looking around the house.... We need to carrying with the decorating and spring cleaning.

From the camera....Here is the Coconut and Cherry cake I made for Valentines.

On my prayer list.....Family and Friends, who are going though tough times.  I have a few that have had very bad health issue lately, so thinking of them at these difficult times.

Bible verse, Devotional....Live, Laugh Love

I hope you have a nice week, and stay warm people.  Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 12 February 2016

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Well I hope you have all had a nice week, it's very grey today but yesterday was lovely and sunny!

I am going to share with you 5 of my favourite makes, as I am joining the lovely Amy from Love made my home with my Five on Friday!


This is one of the first things I made for pickle, I just love the cutie!

This is a top I made for myself last summer, it's the simple t-shirt pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee book ( I cannot wait for the show to come back onI just love it!)

Cupcakes, I can't do a post without cupcakes, I am always baking them, here are some pretty spring ones,


This is bag I crocheted for my holiday last year, and then sowed some pretty fabric inside for lining.


I  got really into making my own undies, I really enjoyed making them,oh maybe a new pair this weekend??

Well I really hope you like my Five on  Friday, this is what I love doing and have only been knitting, sewing and crochet for 2 years now, and learning new things all the time.

I am in the process of making a waistcoat for hubbie as a Valentines Day present.  I hope everyone has a nice Valentines weekend and catch up soon.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Life 366 Project - Week 6

Good Morning,

It's a lovely sunny and cold day here today, which is just the way I like it.

I have to share with you all, that I am a very proud mummy today, we had pickles parent evening last night and she is doing so well and the teacher was full of praise...= me very happy.

This is pickle, the picture was back in the summer.

So I am joining Lola and Lane with pictures from the last week.

Thursday 4th February

Pickle had a friend for tea and I made them cupcakes, I could make cupcakes everyday, but I would be the size of a house, these are all Gluten Free.

Friday 5th February
This is Mittens just chilling out!

Saturday 6th February

We spent the day decorating our lounge, here is a picture but it's abit blury

Sunday 7th February

A day of rest, nothing better than a cup of tea and a yankee candle!

Monday 8th February

Here are some lovely peach roses hubbie got me!

Tuesday 9th February
Pancake Day!, I love pancake day, Lemon and Sugar = yummy

Wednesday 10th February

Feeling under the weather, but my new Yankee candle has turned up in the post so it's cheered me up, and a great parents evening.

Well that's my week, I hope you all had a good week!, So glad it's Friday tomorrow, but the time is flying by.
Thanks for all the lovely comments and catch up again soon.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Tuesday Thoughts - Pancake Day!

Good Afternoon,

After a very windy day yesterday, thankfully all is safe and well here no fences to replace! (we usually end up loosing a fence panel when it's windy).

It's Pancake Day here is the UK, I love pancake day, it's a favourite in our house, it's the only time I make UK pancakes as most of the time I make American style ones as pickle likes them.

So tonight it will be Pancake flipping time, and then top them with Lemon and Sugar, Chocolate and Strawberries or Maple Syrup.  Hubbie can't eat them quick enough.

So I keep mentioning about my 2nd Spice of Life CAL blanket, I am getting there, I am not sure of the colours this time, any thoughts?  I am using al Stylecraft Special DK, I just feel something is missing....

Sorry the photo is blurry hmmm..

I have been making pretty hearts for Valentines, I really enjoyed making them.

We are hoping to get out for a meal on Saturday for Valentines, and just spend time together,
With all the horrible weather recently I am already looking forward to Easter.

I have parents evening tomorrow and hopefully pickle is doing well at school, time seems to being going way to quickly, I can't believe I will be picking Secondary schools at the end of the year.
Well I must get on, hope you all have a good day.