Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Goodbye November...

Well Hello,,,

It's been awhile again, so much going on at home right now...

Can't believe November is over, feel I like I blinked and missed it really.

It's been an eventful month to say the least.

Our office at work had a flood, which was a nightmare.

I have been living on coffee lately...both my lovely Gusto and I treated myself to Beanies Xmas selection...

Pickle took part in her first Gymnastic Comp on Saturday and got 3rd in the individual floor.

One very proud mum!

Mittens is getting more and more cheeky...
I am really trying to get into the festive spirit but with everything that's going on in my life right now I am not doing very well.  Which is most unlike me.

But I have managed to make Christmas Puddings and Mincemeat.

The slow cooker has returned!
So as we start the festive season..
Here is my first make of the season...
And it's been a year since losing my close friend, and so it makes this month even tougher.

Well bring on December and all that comes with it....come forth and know me better man.!

Love Mxx

Friday, 21 October 2016

Five on Friday

Good Morning,

Well here we are it's Friday again, and it's half term, this term has flown by...we have been busy looking at secondary schools for pickle, had a break away which was lovely and just generally getting back into the swing of normal routines.

I have a mixture of photos for this weeks Five on Friday..I am joining in this link up which is run by the lovely Amy at Love made my home, and I really hope she starts to feel better soon.x


Here are some of the ducks that we got the pleasure of knowing on our weekend break..


Halloween prep has started in our house, I have been collecting stuff for many years now and this year we have so many decorations to put out.  Pickle is trying different face painting and I have even knitted some Halloween theme socks..


I managed to dust off the sewing machine to make these pretty patchwork cushions for Autumn.


I brought some pretty Liberty fabric, and I have the patterns to turn them into something nice to wear, I just need an extra 6 hours in the day to do it!


Autumn is well underway and the garden is starting to look sad, but these to are in full bloom.

Well I really hope you enjoyed my photos, and thanks for stopping by to catch up, hope to see you again soon!

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Lovely Weekend...

Good Afternoon,

Well we had the most lovely weekend, it was so relaxing and just what we all needed.

We got a lovely caravan, overlooking the lake so each morning the view was so pretty and we really enjoyed watching the ducks.

Pickle had fun making friends with them, and then they kept following her!

We went for walks around the lake and woods, did swimming both days and I didn't have to cook once yay!

It so lovely to have family time without any distractions, and just spend time together making memories.

We go to a nice caravan park, tucked away in Sussex, not far from us but it's so relaxing and pickle always enjoys just being in the caravan.

I even manage to finish Halloween sock number one!

I finished my pumpkin spice sock last week too.. so pleased.

And yes we have Halloween pumpkins already, hubbie picked them up the other day...

I can't believe pickle finishes for half term on Friday, it seems to be going way to quickly, we had applied for her secondary school, now the long wait to March.

We have had some lovely sunsets lately, here is one from last night, the photo doesn't do it justice as it was much more pinker then this.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have enjoyed my little post. Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Been absent again due to illness!, hope everyone is well...

It's colder now and I have to say tights and jumpers are out and being worn, now there is no turning back.

Well managed to finish my new patchwork cushion covers for Autumn..

I am so pleased with them, and they will go perfectly in our lounge.

Mittens the cat has been as cheeky as ever, she has grown so much..

While I was feeling unwell at the weekend, I managed some more rows of my Cupcake blanket, I find this so relaxing as it's only tow different kinds of stitches.

Halloween is coming to the shops at the moment, I don't like all this Clown business going on, I have to say!, which when I read about people jumping out on people, make my worry.

I am looking forward to a breakaway to our favourite spot and seeing this view again soon...
It's time to spend together as a family and relax.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post today and thanks for stopping by

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Busy Weekend

Good Afternoon,

It's a really lovely sunny day today, but it was certainly fresh this morning.

Well we had a really busy weekend, we decided to decorate the dining room some time ago, and this weekend we finally got round to it, the walls have been painted a lovely fresh Ivory Lace and the woodwork is white satinwood.

We had to get some new dining chairs and I am really happy with these new additions.

Here is the finished room (well still got to put up the curtain pole and curtains)...

After decorating I managed to cast on my halloween theme socks yay, happy face!

I love weekends, spending time together, and getting the house organised, but it seems the weekend goes way to fast.
I did cook a Sunday Roast yesterday with Apple crumble for pudding, no pictures as it was gone all to quickly by hubbie and pickle.

With nights getting darker earlier, my blue fairy lights brighten up the kitchen.

I am so happy as Strictly Come Dancing is back and  I love it, I have watched it from the first series, so Saturday nights are now back to Strictly nights!, I will however miss Downton Abbey this year, but I will just have to watch it on Sky demand instead!

Hope you all have a good Monday, and thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Socks, Socks and More Socks!

Good Afternoon,

Well it's been a windy day here today... I hope everyone is enjoying some autumn sunshine, as I type I am sitting at my desk having a nice cup of tea!

I have over last year or so, become addicted to making socks, mainly due to Christine's book Super Socks, I have increased my yarn stash a fair amount, as I keep seeing so much lovely yarn.

Here are my latest pair off the needles, it's yarn from Norah George . Buddy the Elf

Here are my first 2 pairs, both knitted with Heart and Sole yarn.

I am at the moment knitting a pair with Pumpkin Spice yarn again by Norah George..

I did make some shorter trainer style socks with heart and sole yarn, here is the finished product and Christine book!

For Harry Potter fans, I knitted a pair in Hermonie purple yarn,

I did warn you I am addicted, I have recently purchase some Halloween theme yarn which I need to ball. so photos to come!

I have neglected my sewing machine somewhat recently mainly due to sock knitting! and summer holidays, but as the nights draw in, I have dusted it off and have many plans to make things just not enough hours in my day.. The other night is was nice and bright so I managed to get some cutting done in the garden, I think the light in this photo is pretty

So my Autumn crochet wreath is up and I am looking forward to the coming season.

Hope you enjoyed my sock journey!, thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Well it's been a Autumn day here today, the nights are drawing in, and by 7.30pm it's dark!
I don't actually mind as I really like Autumn, cosy nights and frosty mornings.

At the weekend we embraced the season and made my first Pumpkin Pie this year...

Pickle wanted to bake a Victoria Sandwich with a Autumn theme, so the top is cinnamon caramel and the bottom is Pumpkin Spice.

(Both are Gluten Free)

I have several projects on the go at the moment, I am still knitting my Hitchhiker Shawl which I started back in March.

I am also knitting 2 pairs of socks, which are coming along nicely.  Pumpkin spice yarn on the left and Buddy the Elf yarn on the right, both by Norah George.

And my poor sewing machine has had to be dusted off (been awhile since I last used it) so I can make some patchwork Autumn cushion covers.

Soon it will be my favourite month - October...Halloween, we always have so much fun and have games planned already.

Shh I brought my first Christmas magazine today...I know it's only September but I really don't have any self control when it comes to Christmas!!.

Well I hope you have  good day and thanks for stopping by!