Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Scavenger Hunt - September 2015

Good Morning,

Can't believe September has been and gone!, so I have joined Greenthumb for the September Scavenger Hunt.

Woven - The Wrist Warmer's I made for my friend

Repeating - This is scarf of repeating lines that I crocheted for my Mother in Law last Christmas.

Greedy - A summer day out at the farm and pickle got to feed these greedy pigs

Flowers - There are 2 pictures as these are both some of my favourite flowers the top is Bird of Paradise which where everywhere in Lanzarote and Gladioli from here.

Curly - These was a hard one to find, but this is Mittens the Kitten curled up in the heart tray.

Adventures - I was so scared doing this on holiday, It's called Aerial Adventure.

Line - More crochet - this a blanket I have started for pickle.

Mesmerising - This is a cake all made from chocolate from the world famous - Choccywoccydoodah! in Brighton

Triangle - Upside Down!

Dreamy - I wish I was back at the beach!

Day - Break

Whatever - The last of the summer flowers picked from our garden.

Hope you like my pictures, thanks for stopping by and hope to catch up soon.