Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tuesday Thoughts!

Good Afternoon,

It's been very wet and windy here today...The wellies are back!

I am in middle of crocheting some wrist warmers for a friend who broke both of her wrists, to help keep them warm in the colder months ahead.

I went to start a hat for pickle yesterday to discover I didn't have the right size circular needles:( so they are now on order as my local yarn shop didn't have them either, but while in the yarn shop I couldn't help buying some more yarn...

And I also couldn't resist this orange fabric to make some fabric pumpkins, and some small scissors something I have been trying to buy for ages but always forget when I go in the shop due to all the wool and fabric!

Just to jump back to the weekend, the Arts Festival is still going and hubbie and me will be on the radio this week/weekend (scary). Anyway Sunday we went to a local wine bar and listened to a friend play Cajun music, they are called Cajun Dawgs, we had a very good time.

Well I have way to many WIP in my fabric and wool bags, I really need to just plod on with them. Wrist Warmers first I think!

Hope you all have a nice week