Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fun on a Thursday!

Good Morning,

Well it was my turn to be off with pickle yesterday, so as I don't drive it was local things....

Before that a update..I finished the crab apple jelly and it's turned out really well and smells yummy, just love the colour reminds me of autumn.

So we took it easy yesterday got up had a breakfast of bacon butty -british classic!
then got ready, it was raining again, so raincoat needed.
We went to go bowling, but on arrival at midday next free slot 5.30pm mmm ok booked in for then.
So off to the shops , superdrugs for new nail varnish, toyshop for cool cardz refills and millies which is a lovely clothes shop and a new dress for me yay :))
Lunch at Prezzo - pizza , garlic bread ang gelto.

Then home for rest and back out for bowling, which was great fun.

Had a great day.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Windy day at the Coast..

Good Afternoon,

Well it's not so sunny here in Sussex now!, the rain has been coming down for the last 2 days.

Pickle is out and about today with Daddy and they have been sending me lovelie pictures..

It's very Bexhill.

They went to the Bexhill Museum..and knowing that I love the TV programme Open All Hours, sent me a picture of Granville's bike!

I wonder where they will go next....

On another note, I popped into my local Tesco this morning to discover a man stacking....tubs of Roses, Quality Street etc..hmmm now I love Christmas, but just not before August Bank Holiday.
And than I popped in the Card shop at lunchtime and yep all the Christmas cards are in and wrapping paper!

I am also in the process of making Crab Apple Jelly..will post more once finished, but it smells so yummy.

Have a great day!

Monday, 24 August 2015

A Family Trip to the Beach...

Good Morning,

Ok so it's Monday again and very soggy here in Sussex today!

Well pickle went off to Nanny's and Grandad's last week..they live right on the beach further round in Sussex.

So Friday Hubbie and Me went out for a meal at the local wine bar..I had an open sandwich and olives with a lovely glass of white wine.. he had open sandwich and cucumber bites and local ale.
They had live music on which was nice.

So Saturday dawned sunny and warm, perfect day for a trip to the beach!..Well Nanny's and Grandads! So we set off and so the rest of the South coast had also decided to to go to the beach too...traffic was bad in places but we made it in time for lunch.

It was great to see pickle and she seems to have grown in just a few days..Bless.

After a coffee and sandwich off to the beach hut we want...

Here are some pictures...

It was such fun being at the went looking for stones and shells, played in the sea and chatted for ages, where was there about 4 hours.

It was lovely to see so many families enjoying the british summertime.

After the beach it was back to mums for a BBQ and a jug of Pimms.

The day was sadden with the news coming from Shoreham Airshow, which is local to heart goes out the familiesxx

Sunday was not such a great day, where was planning to stop off at Hastings but the weather had other back home to see Mittens and some quiet Sunday crochet.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 21 August 2015

Summer Holidays 2015

Good Afternoon,

Well there is only a couple of weeks left of Summer holidays here in the UK.

The weather has been hit and miss as usual for our small island...I have to say sorry for being offline over the past few weeks, this is due to trying to manage working full time and summer holiday childcare...

As normal I wake up in mid July in a panic about the 6 weeks, and than at the end think what was I worrying about :))

I have managed to have at least 1 day off a week to spend time with pickle...

Last Friday we went to Brighton for the day, one of our favourite holiday days out!..we went down the Lanes, Choccywoccydoodah, Lego shop, H & M, Cath Kidston and Molton Brown.. and lunch was had at Jamie's Italian which I really love.

Here are some pictures from Jamie and Choccy..

This is shop is so great, it's down the Lanes, but everything in it is made out of Chocolate---yummy!

Jamies is great as they offer all their Pasta meals Gluten Free..and the ice cream is so good.

We had some bad weather days, so board games came into and pickle really enjoyed this time. With a glass of fizz for me.

I even managed to find sometime to do some crochet - I am making a granny square blanket for the lounge in the winter.

And finally pickle wanted to make jam.. so blackberry jam in the making!

So Monday we went to Paradise Park and I forgot to take any pictures.. then it was back to work, pickle is visiting Nanny and Grandad at the seaside..

Mittens decided one morning that she wanted to come to work with me!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, 10 August 2015

Starting a blanket and outdoor crafts...

Good Afternoon,

Well here we are again on a Monday afternoon, it's such a different day today compared to Saturday and Sunday which seemed like summer was here to stay, Hmmm than I remember this is England!

So it was a weekend of Sun, Sun and more Sun, I was really wanting a relaxing weekend and that's what I had...

My IBS is still in full swing, hence the need to relax, as this does help.  So Saturday was nice just sitting in the garden, paddling pool filled and ready for pickle, swingball all set up and Mittens enjoying outside, Mittens has now discovered that she can get up the fence, however when she does she is not sure what to do next and jumps straight back down again!

We have lots of Butterflies in the garden at the moment, here is one on the pool

Pickle took this picture!

Mittens also thinks it's a good idea to try to eat Butterflies, Bumblebees, honey bees, and anything else that moves!
I decided I wanted to finish the Decopatch Dolphin we started about 3 months ago!, and we also started a pretty heart garland that pickle had got for a birthday present from a friend..

Dolphin to the right of photo.

After a lovely day in the garden, I thought I would start my first Crochet blanket, I am doing a row of Double Crochet and a row of Half Treble Crochet then change colour, here are the colours...
The light is not so good on this picture..Sorry

So Sunday I got up early and went for a run, which was really nice,only people around was Dog walkers and runners.
It was really hot when I got back home at sit in the garden and had my coffee and cereal.
Again another day of games in the garden..swingball, croquet, target practise with Nerf gun and bowling.

It was such a lovely relaxing weekend, and hopefully more to come this summer.

Have a good week, Thanks for popping by!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Yarn Along

Good Afternoon,

Well it's sunny here now at last!, had a great day out to the park yesterday with my pickle and post natal mums.

So I finished my crochet socks for the they are - smile

I am really happy with them.

I think I will make some for pickle for the winter soon.

So I am now gone back to my cape, which I started in the Winter...and hoping to get it finished before this winter.

It's knitted with Wendy Chunky wool.
It's has a cable pattern which I have taken great care with to get right.

Next on my crochet project list is a blanket...this will be my first time, so bare with me,

I have attached a pretty summer flower picture just to share with my blog friends.

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Days out - Ducklings and pigs!

Good Afternoon,

As the summer holidays are in full swing, just wish the weather was keeping up!

We had a couple of days out....

Couple of weekends back we went to one of our favourite places - Middle Farm, just outside Lewes, we have taken pickle to Middle Farm every year since she was born.

Here are some photos...

The pigs were very happy with their food!

Then we paid a visit to a large local park, it's so lovely and has woods, play area and large duck pond, and of course Ice Creams!

It was lovely see the baby swans and climbing on the tree trunks.

Strawberry Splits - my favourite, Whats your favourite Ice cream?
This little fellow popped out to say Hello x

I have finished my crochet to follow this week, and am thinking of starting a crochet blanket - my first ever, so any advice on what the best patterns would be most helpful.

My weekend was not so good as my IBS is really bad at the moment, so missed the sunshine this weekend, hopefully enjoy it this weekend!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and thanks for stopping by