Monday, 27 July 2015

A weekend of music and fun!

Good Afternoon,

Can't believe it's Monday, but heyhoo I have had such a lovely weekend!

Friday was a relaxing evening in with hubbie, just chilling out.

Saturday dawned a sunny day abit windy but not too bad, we had a vintage theme market in the town with stalls and music..As part of my job I organise the stallholders and a colleague organises the entertainment, I have to say with the weather on Friday I was concerned however it turned out dry and sunny.

Here are some pictures...

It was great to see people out enjoying the music, pickle wanted to visit the church which was opened this was great and then we went to the wine bar for lunch.

That evening pickle and my friend and her daughter went to watch  - The Take That Experience at the bandstand in Eastbourne, the atmosphere was fab and we where up and dancing under the stars..
Here is a couple of pictures before the band came out.

It was my first time inside the bandstand and I thought it was so good, looking to visit again soonx

Sunday was a very wet and windy day, perfect for some sewing, here is a little heart I made.

While I was sewing, pickle decided to have a pamper session, toe and finger nails all painted..our little girl is growing up too fast.

I finished the afternoon, with a lovely glass of red wine, listening to some Cuban and New Orleans music watching the rain come down outside..

Hope you all had a nice weekend. Thanks as always for popping by, I do really enjoying reading your comments..

Friday, 24 July 2015

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

I am joining Amy from Love made my home and posting my Five on Friday.

I had to think about what to post this week, however I thought I would share with you some pictures from my holiday to Lanzarote in June, as most of you are now enjoying the start of your holidays!


This is the High rope course pickle wanted to do, she was loving it, I on the other hand was scared!, a couple of large glasses of wine afterwards, where needed.


These beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers where everywhere in the resort, they are my most favourite flower ever!


Two in one for this - a trip to the harbour/Marina was fab, tapas at the Blue note while listening to live Jazz music, and feeding the huge fish in the harbour was the highlight.


This is the twin tracker pickle and me raced on, I am on the other side!, she bet me hands down!
Such good fun.


More lovely Tapas at the beach front, my family!xx

Hope you enjoyed my photos from our holiday, it's always such a special time for us and we have so much fun, especially now pickle is getting older.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Keep Calm and Craft on!

Good Afternoon,

I know it seems like to posts on one day, however I did the first post yesterday but forgot to hit publish!

So this is my Keep Calm and Craft on, in link up with

So I have started to crochet a pair of socks for me!

This is a major project for me, as I did knit my last pair and they didn't come out to plan, they are now my winter bed socks.
I find crochet so relaxing and I feel I get quicker results, which is great for summer projects.

So here they are in progress.....

The yarn is WI double knit from Hobbycraft.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday Thoughts!

Good Morning,

Well pickle finishes school tomorrow, and at present I am feeling mixed about Summer holidays...
I look forward to the following things:

Not having to rush pickle around in the mornings for School run

Sunshine .....please let it be a sunny break this year

Eating Ice cream...yummy

Playing in  the garden, swingball is always a winner in our house

Watering the flowers

Walking on the dew grass on a warm summer morning and enjoying my first cup of tea outside

Days out...

Strawberries and Summer the garden or at the beach.

I don't like the panic of arranging childcare, as I work full time, I have to make sure pickle is covered and this makes me sad sometimes, thinking of her not with us... but it does mean the time I do have off is spent purely doing fun stuff together.. like a girlie trip to Brighton, or meeting up with friends from Post natal days.

I am sure it will all work out, as it does every year!

Here are some pictures that I took at the weekend, we had plan on visiting my mum, who live right on the beach, but pickle had a bug so had to cancel it :((

We have strawberries growing this year in the garden

Pool number 2 - due to Mittens jumping in pool number 1 not realising there was water in it and ripped it to pieces!

Our Chilli plant has new growth

Catching the late afternoon sun with a glass of rose

Mittens sleeping on pickle such a cute moment!

Rainbow Lemon Victoria Sandwich - Gluten Free!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a lovely week.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Well I have been absent from Five on Friday for awhile, but back now!

It's such a lovely day today, too nice to be indoors, but work calls....

So I am joining Amy at Love made my home with my Five on Friday. It's really a variety of pictures from now and holidays past!


This is the beach from my sunbed in Cuba 3 years ago, wonderful experience visiting this country and the beaches and people where so beautiful.


This was the beach in Fuerteventura, again lovely blue sea and sandy!


Completely Different, did say it was a variety... Pickle made Gluten Free Haribo Cupcakes, one of the task this term on homework was to bake/cook something, so here is hers!(there are Haribo sweets in the middle of the cakes too), she made enough for the whole class.


Sports Day!, can't believe the end of the school year is here, it seems to go quicker every year. As you can see it was a very hot  and sunny day.


Some more pretty flowers in the garden, and my fab pink chairs (I do love them), the glass table used to be our dining table, but is working really well now as garden furniture.

I am really enjoying the summer here in Sussex, looking forward to school finishing and not having to rush around in the morning so much.
As for crafting I have just started crocheting a pair of socks updates to come soon....
I have a dress pattern all cut out and ready to sew, but with the sun shining outdoors is calling me in the evenings at the moment.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thanks for popping by and reading my blog, it means alot.


Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Garden Fun and My 100 post!!

Good Afternoon,

Well I can't believe this is my 100 blog post, I thought I would never even get to 20!

This weekend was lovely again, so most of the time spent in the garden.  I do love getting outside in the summer months, games in the garden, BBQ and fresh air.

The garden is starting to look pretty with colour, which is a miracle as we are not the most green fingered family.

Here are some pictures...

 Since picking up Mittens from her holiday at the cattery, she seems much more relaxed and we have introduced her to the outdoors, I really cannot go though another summer with all the doors and windows closed!, so she has really taken to going outdoors, and this her in the garden.

The other side to this, is that she thinks she can get out from whatever window, she is officially down to seven lives, after jumping/falling from upstairs windows, hmmmm
Don't worry she is fine, just wish she would learn.

So the paddling pool is now a permanent fixture in the garden. Well for as long as the warm weather continues.

Here is pickle enjoying a lolly in the garden, note the pink chairs they have all now been painted and have added some more colour to our garden.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.. and long may it continue.

Back again soon, and thanks for stopping by