Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Socks, Socks and More Socks!

Good Afternoon,

Well it's been a windy day here today... I hope everyone is enjoying some autumn sunshine, as I type I am sitting at my desk having a nice cup of tea!

I have over last year or so, become addicted to making socks, mainly due to Christine's book Super Socks, I have increased my yarn stash a fair amount, as I keep seeing so much lovely yarn.

Here are my latest pair off the needles, it's yarn from Norah George . Buddy the Elf

Here are my first 2 pairs, both knitted with Heart and Sole yarn.

I am at the moment knitting a pair with Pumpkin Spice yarn again by Norah George..

I did make some shorter trainer style socks with heart and sole yarn, here is the finished product and Christine book!

For Harry Potter fans, I knitted a pair in Hermonie purple yarn,

I did warn you I am addicted, I have recently purchase some Halloween theme yarn which I need to ball. so photos to come!

I have neglected my sewing machine somewhat recently mainly due to sock knitting! and summer holidays, but as the nights draw in, I have dusted it off and have many plans to make things just not enough hours in my day.. The other night is was nice and bright so I managed to get some cutting done in the garden, I think the light in this photo is pretty

So my Autumn crochet wreath is up and I am looking forward to the coming season.

Hope you enjoyed my sock journey!, thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Well it's been a Autumn day here today, the nights are drawing in, and by 7.30pm it's dark!
I don't actually mind as I really like Autumn, cosy nights and frosty mornings.

At the weekend we embraced the season and made my first Pumpkin Pie this year...

Pickle wanted to bake a Victoria Sandwich with a Autumn theme, so the top is cinnamon caramel and the bottom is Pumpkin Spice.

(Both are Gluten Free)

I have several projects on the go at the moment, I am still knitting my Hitchhiker Shawl which I started back in March.

I am also knitting 2 pairs of socks, which are coming along nicely.  Pumpkin spice yarn on the left and Buddy the Elf yarn on the right, both by Norah George.

And my poor sewing machine has had to be dusted off (been awhile since I last used it) so I can make some patchwork Autumn cushion covers.

Soon it will be my favourite month - October...Halloween, we always have so much fun and have games planned already.

Shh I brought my first Christmas magazine today...I know it's only September but I really don't have any self control when it comes to Christmas!!.

Well I hope you have  good day and thanks for stopping by!


Friday, 9 September 2016

Five on Friday

Good Morning,

I am joining in on Five on Friday organised by Amy at Love made my Home for the first time in ages.

As it's been awhile my Five on Friday will be a mixture of photos from over the summer holidays..


We sorted out the garden this year, and now have more space with a herb garden, which the slugs have attacked but it's going strong now, this photo is from when it was first planted..There is Rosemary, Mint, Oregano, Curry Plant and Thyme.


I finished my second Spice of Life blanket, which I am so pleased with, I have started another blanket so we will have one each, however this time I have picked Cupcake Pattern.


We had a lovely holiday in Fuerteventura, which is very relaxing place, lots of fun family time together!


Summer Holidays was great, the weather in Sussex was really good this year, we managed days out to Eastbourne, Brighton and locally to the Park and Beach.  Photos here are me, pickle and hubbie enjoying lunches out!


Christmas sock knitting, with buddy elf yarn from Norah George, I just love this yarn, I am about to cast on some Pumpkin Spice yarn, for another pair of socks.

Well I hope you liked them!
Have a nice weekend

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Well Hello there....September!

Good Afternoon,

Ok so it's been ages and I can only apologies, my life has been crazy over the last couple of months and this is why...Last October I got diagnosed with Diverticular Disease and have had good and bad times with it, however from March I was referred to a specialist clinic at Kings College Hospital in London, which is great and I had it under control.

After our holiday to Fuerteventura I suffered a really bad infection (July), and was in hospital and have since seen my consultant, I am about to have a CT scan to see the damage done to my bowel and I am looking at surgery sooner than I thought..which as you can guess came as a shock, however I have picked myself up and now feel positive as it's life changing not life threatening.

However as this has been going on I have sort relaxation by knitting, baking and crochet as well as spending time with my hubbie and pickle who have been a great strength to me.

So I have lots to catch up on with you all, and I hope you are still interested...

Here are some of my recent photos to fill the gap for the moment.

These are from holiday in Fuerteventura, which we love.

Mittens has got so big and is cheeky as ever!

We went to Firle Vintage Fair in August and it was amazing, old fair rides, vintage cars, vintage clothes and people dress in vintage clothes, it really was lovely day.
This covers summer hols.. fun in the sun and rainbow cake made by pickle.

These are my Rose City Roller socks

My 2nd Spice of Life blanket, now starting a cupcake pattern blanket...

When I was poorly I made these little square in bright colours, I am not sure what to make them into I have 24 of them...any ideas????

I hope all of you are keeping well and feel rested after the lovely weather have had in August, can't believe we are in September and my pickle is back to school, year 6 my godness time flies.

Won't leave it so long this time!