Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Goodbye November...

Well Hello,,,

It's been awhile again, so much going on at home right now...

Can't believe November is over, feel I like I blinked and missed it really.

It's been an eventful month to say the least.

Our office at work had a flood, which was a nightmare.

I have been living on coffee lately...both my lovely Gusto and I treated myself to Beanies Xmas selection...

Pickle took part in her first Gymnastic Comp on Saturday and got 3rd in the individual floor.

One very proud mum!

Mittens is getting more and more cheeky...
I am really trying to get into the festive spirit but with everything that's going on in my life right now I am not doing very well.  Which is most unlike me.

But I have managed to make Christmas Puddings and Mincemeat.

The slow cooker has returned!
So as we start the festive season..
Here is my first make of the season...
And it's been a year since losing my close friend, and so it makes this month even tougher.

Well bring on December and all that comes with it....come forth and know me better man.!

Love Mxx