Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mittens the kitten...

Back in july we got our kitten from cat protection, she was only 8 week old!

And it was like having a baby in the house again-the constant no mittens stop biting the dining 
chairs, cleaning up, feeding....

However she has grown since than but still into everthing!:)

But while she is purring away on my lap as i type this, I couldn't 
imagine home without her, she loves my knitting bag.
She makes us laugh out loud which is good for

Have a nice evening
m and mittensx

Monday, 29 September 2014

Say hello to Percy the Penguin!

Here the finished Percy....

I am so pleased with how he has turned out!. This is my first winter project done yay.

As I am thinking what next, I realise I have not touched my sewing machine for a little while hmmm, me thinks it's time to make my top for me or get cracking on pickles halloween outfit.

Am I the only person who sits in bed and thinks about all the lovely projects -sewing, knitting etc, they want to do but there just is not enough hours in the day?

Thanks for reading my blog and catch up again soon

Sunday, 28 September 2014

a weekend of crochet, knitting and slow cooking

After my lovely shopping trip on Friday I realised I need to finish my present projects crochet lampshade

2. Percy the penguin, i have done the body, feet and beak but still need to put together.
A picture of percy will be on soon.  This is so I can get started on a halloween skirt for ddaughter and a new top for yours truly!.
The weather has been really nice again so really enjoyed getting in the garden, mowed the lawn and let down the paddling pool :(

The slow cooker got it's first use of the autumn we a yummy stew on saturday, while it filled the house with a lovely smell, my summer clothes where packed away for another year. 

My daughter is learning to crochet bless her and she also loves crafts and is making a wooden heart display.

So as Sunday is drawing to a close and am settling down to watch downton abbey, with a cup of tea and a cupcake, i am knitting like mad to get percy finished.

catch up soon

Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday fabrics and funx

Well today was spent with my mum, which is always fun.! we went shopping and visit a great craft shop, brought way more than intended Halloween fabric, red sparkle crochet yarn and chunky yarn. I have like 3 peojects on the go and a million I want to do and not enough time.

my husband brought home some lovely flowers with lovely autumn tonesx
so have a great Friday

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Christmas....But we are still in September!

As I was on my way to work today, I passed the card shop in town and they have Christmas cards, wrapping paper and more...

It still surprises me every year how quick the shop sneek the Christmas stock in, and there is me still wearing flip flops and trying to get the last of the warm sun.

Now it's not that I don't like Christmas, actually it's the complete opposite I love Christmas and everything that comes with it (which you will see in future posts), but even so there's me trying to get back into the school routine, starting to think about what to do for Halloween and Bonfire night, which in our Sussex town comes before Halloween, which I always find strange as it is.

But that said I have a confession, I brought my first Christmas magazine today..I know I am crazy and as I said I do love Christmas and couldn't help myself :)

So am I the only one, who secretly starts thinking about Christmas already, I love all the season's but I think the ones coming up are my favourite - the smell of log burners, candle light, crisp winter frost that cover everything in a magical sparkle, coming home to the smell of stew in the slow cooker, and of course lots of hot chocolate with whipped cream and mulled wine.

Of well back to the present day, Chocolate Cornflake cakes to make tonight, off to the shop now for the goods..

Have a great Wednesday

Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday thoughts

Well hello again,

I can't believe it's Monday again, feels like the weeks are just flying by, don't you think?

I had a really nice weekend, helped by the lovely warm weather in Sussex at the moment, my garden seems very confused, I have flowers coming out, and the odd strawberrys still which I have to say I am so surprised about.

This weekend was the last few days of the Arts Festival which involve my husband and daughter broadcasting on the local festival radio station.  It was strange to be sitting in my lounge hearing my husbands voice over the air waves.
And Sunday was a Folk Music Gig (which was my first experience of Folk Music) and we had a great time, a real family event, what better way to spend a sunny sunday, then with friends listening to music over a couple of glasses of wine and nibbles.

Now it's back to normal week day chores, but fingers crossed this gorgous weather will stay around alittle longer!

My picture below is the flowering plant in my garden, which only flowers every couple years but this year has excelled itself, by having 3 flowering stems coming out of the middle.

Well enjoy your day and please if you know what this plant is let me know as I have no idea??(Not so good in the gardening department)

Friday, 19 September 2014

gluten free cupcakes

As per my earlier post I had a baking afternoon yesterday, with the help of my daughter we made cherry and coconut, cinnamon, coffee and walnut and lemon cupcakes all gluten free!

I think they turned out wellx

As I said I love to bake, even more so with my little girl. 
well it's Friday and the weekend is here, it's the art festival in our town at the moment and hubbie is joining in on the local radio tomorrow so we are planning a studio visit, looking forward to it.

Enjoy your friday xx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Owls and More Owls

As I sit at my desk looking out the window of the changing afternoon sky and the holly bush full of red berries already!

I think about the latest craz of the moment here in the UK - Owls!

This craz has actually been going on for awhile with no sign of letting up.  I think they are cute, and as such made the pretty pink one in the pic.

Just waiting for my daughter to name it??

After making this one, a relative put in a order for a blue one to live on their sofa, how sweet.
Oh well off for a cup of tea and to think what flavour cupcakes to bake this afternoon.

bye for now


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sunny September Day

As the school year starts again, and the nights are starting to draw in, my mind turns to sewing and baking... As I have to live to a gluten free diet since earlier this year, I have been adapting my favourite bakes to Gluten Free versions, with some challenges along the way.

My Pillow on the earlier blog was my first September sewing, with the help of my 8 year old daugther.

As Blackberries are now in full swing and apple season is nearly here, I am thinking Apple and Cinnamon cupcakes (gluten Free of course!)... Picture to follow on a newer post. 

On the school run this morning in sunny sussex, I notice the leaves are changing and the conkers are everywhere much to the childrens pleasure.. and mine.  I love to collect them in put them in vases along with pine cones.

This is my first real blog and am new to this but I hope people will comment along the way with me.

This is my latest creation - a pretty pillow or door draught, what with Autumn just around the corner!