Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

It's so lovely and sunny here today, I hope it's the same where you are.

The weekend seems to go by way to quickly, I always feel like I need one extra day...Anyway Saturday was not so nice here in Sussex, grey and wet at times, and as I managed to kick the bedroom door Thursday night I was nursing a very purple baby toe!, so rest was in order Saturday and a nice takeaway Saturday night.

Sunday started much nicer, sunny but chilly so we decided to do some work on the garden, Hubbie wanted to cut down one of the conifer trees which was blocking light from the dining room, here is the mass of tree still to get rid of!

Our little Christmas tree will be planted in the garden at some point.

I managed to buy some pretty solar lights this year, I really want it to look nice this year..

Going to paint the fences soon, before it all grows to quickly...I have however uncovered a pretty yellow primrose.

It felt so nice to be outside again, after the winter, I love hearing the birds, watching the butterflies in the garden and seeing pickle play outside.

Other things this past week or so was I brought some skeins of wool, and thought that I could knit straight away....and this is mess I ended up with (pro knitters out there, please don't laugh too much at this school boy error), I have since wind it into a nice neat ball. - After a good few hours.

Mittens has been enjoying the sunshine and has been out in the garden with us at weekend.. she has grown so much and is very cheeky.

On Sunday pickle wanted to make a cake, so here is her Lime and Coconut cake with fresh fruit on top, it's very yummy.
Can't believe our little pickle will be 10 next month, not sure where the time has gone...feels like 5 minutes ago, we walked in the front door back from hospital with her in the car seat.

Well that's it from me for the moment, enjoy your Tuesday!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Well it's Friday again, I just don't know where the weeks are going, I have my ultrasound scan date for next Wednesday so hopefully will know more than, still getting the pain, but I am enjoying the more spring like weather.

Last weekend was so lovely, enjoyed getting out in the garden and tidying, cutting the lawn, it's beginning to look like a garden again! rather than the amazon.

So I am joining Amy at Love made my home, with this weeks Five on Friday.


As I say the garden is coming into bloom, here a photo of my Magnolia tree (pink) the white one is another house on my street, but the smell is amazing as you walk past it.


Mittens being a pickle this morning!


Over Easter we decided to decopatch some wooden spoons, and they look pretty in my making bowl, we did one each.


Ok, So I am some what addicted to yarn buying, here is my newest order from the lovely Norah George, it's Harry Potter theme, the Purple is Hermione and Orange and Brown is Ron Weasley, so more sock knitting is on the plan, oh well if I must!


This was my morning, a nice cup of tea, pretty fresh Daffadils and my little Valentine Bunny, from Little Box of Crochet.

I have enjoyed sometime off over half term, the weather hasn't been too bad, abit cold at times, I will leave you with a photo of my lovely pickle enjoying a day in the woods with friends...

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

I know 2 posts in one day, but I have been AWOL for a bit, I have shared with you before my ongoing health issues i.e my Diverticular Disease but I am currently having Gallbladder issues and looking at having it removed, but onwards we go.

I am feeling slightly better then I did as they have given me medication for my DD, which is good.

Anyway on with the show!.  Here are my Five on Friday, which is run by the lovely Amy at Love made my home.


On Good Friday we went to Lewes for the day, it was a lovely sunny spring day, and it's a place that you can just wander around in and out shops and looking at the old buildings, here is a view between some buildings out towards the South Downs.


Here is a couple of Easter pictures, Simnel Cake and Roast Lamb, what better food to eat at Easter time.


I ordered these pretty Harry Potter theme stitch markers from Thimble and Thread, on Etsy.

Hubbie and Pickle went shopping last Saturday and came back with this wool stash for me as a Easter present.


Here is my latest finished crochet project, it will be a present for someone special, it's from Little Box of Crochet, and called the Princess and the Pea Collar.

Well I hope to be back to regular blogging again soon, as it's half term time is not something I have much of. 

I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy some spring like weather!

Scavenger Hunt - March

Good Afternoon,

Well here we are in April already, I just don't know where this year is going!, So I am joining in this months Scavenger Hunt, list done by Made with Love.

So here are my finds!


Local Flower displays in our town.


You can find this building in my favourite city in the world!


My finished stripey socks!


Frosty morning.

Street art

This is a book box at a local bookshop.


Rain on the roof tiles in our old building.


Hubbie went down some rock stairs to get to the sea.


Curly hair for the last day of term.


Working out my wool for hitchhiker Shawl.


Our very large jar of Nutella!

For one

Large Pimms for one.


Our view when we went away to the caravan, it was so lovely.

Hope you like them all, have a nice weekend!