Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Walk on a Sunny Wednesday!

Good Afternoon,

So today as part of my job I had to go out and walk along the Cuckoo Trial, which is a lovely country walkway that used to be called the Cuckoo Line Railway many years ago until the Beeching report and it was closed in 1968.

It was very sunny if not a little chilly, I can feel Autumn coming along which I actually don't mind, I enjoy the changing colours, comfort food like Stew, Soups, Apple Crumble and Pumpkin Pie and getting in and lighting candles etc.

We celebrate Halloween in a big way in our house, which is not that common here in the UK, so I am feeling excited for the season to come.

Anyway back to my sunny walk...

I started at the pond, the ducks and geese all looked very happy

As I walked along there were so many blackberries..time for a spot of Blackberry picking this weekend.

This is a picture of the path itself, it's so lovely to see it starting to change...

So that's it really.. It was crazy this morning in our house first day back to school!  Can't wait to hear how it went later.

Have a great day!