Sunday, 30 November 2014

Goodbye November!

Good evening.,

it's been a busy a weekend, I manage to wallpaper the dining room

In time for Christmas decorations.

Mittens has found a new home!!!

So the tree is up for how long?

that depends on mittens.

Had a nice meal out with mums, husbands and kids on saturday night.

back to work tomorrow.

thanks for dropping by


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday makes and bakes


So it's be another busy weekend, Saturday was a day for tidying, organising cupbiards ready for Christmas goodies.. after that I thought It was time to dust off the sewing machine and make these cute christmas cones, fab for sweeties and candy canes.

and another make up bag.

It was the xmas light switch on in our town which was great, it always makes christmas feel closeby.

Today we made gluten free mince pies and stollen

And yes the christmas cups, plates are out!


Thursday, 20 November 2014

I baked a pie.....

I have to think keeping it cozy blog about pumpkin pie..x

Once I read it, I couldn't resist having a go, I used to buy the pie case but since being gluten free I can't anymore.

So using the recipe on keeping it cozy I tried to make my own pastry case , which if you read my blog the other me and pastry are not best friends! but it worked  yaaaay I am so pleased, here are my 2 little pumpkin pies and as mary berry would say no soggy bottoms!!

with cinnamon cream


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas pudding

Here is my latest make...Christmas is coming..

I just cannot wait nowx

little pickle is singing Christmas songs for the big sing choir
so it feels festive in our house already.

Little pickle Christmas list is growing daily hmmm

Thanks for reading and catch up soon

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kitten Smitten!

Happy Tuesday!

Well I am very happy it's dry today, after being soaked though yesterday and having wet shoes from 8.30am - 6.30pm, not a happy bunny!

Now as you know we have had Mittens the kitten for about 4 months now, and I cannot believe how big she is and how cheeky..

Before we brought her home - 8 weeks old

Mittens being a little monkey!

And this is her now- she is getting bigger by the day.

She is often found spread out like this until she slides off, mid sleep and gets very cross, as if someone has pushed her off:))

I must admit I do fear for my Christmas decorations this year, me thinks a small real tree upstairs with the glass baubles on. (any excuse for another christmas tree)

So I started making these slippers for pickle before we even got Mittens, they have taken awhile to do, as it's been a project I keep stopping and starting but here they are----

I am very happy with them, I hope pickle will be come Christmas!

Thanks for reading my blog and catch up again soon


Monday, 17 November 2014

Let the Christmas bake begin!

Good Afternoon...

I had a very busy weekend, so I posted my fruit soaking for my cake last week, on Saturday this made it into the oven, in a square tin this year as per pickles request.

Before that we made Rocky Road, the smell of chocolate filled the air..

It does look better when covered in snow (icing sugar)

After that we made Sticky Gingerbread - Gluten Free of course.

Then it was time to try Gluten free Rough puff - mmmmmmm well I can't say we got on really, I think I need to do another 2 rounds of roll and fold to build up the layers, but the taste was better then before - Hubbie however did not agree and wants the original with gluten and more cheese!

The pastry was also used for Sausage rolls, however I ate them all before photos could be taken.

So that was just Saturday --- On Sunday,

It was Cranberry and White Choc chip cookies, some frozen for Christmas ( gluten Free again), these turned out every well and the kids have been eating them as quick as I could bake them.
Sorry but the light was so bad.

And Finally the Christmas Puddings - All 4 in total , the smell was lovely,can't wait for Christmas day!

I had such a great weekend, I love getting organised and knowing my freezer has goodies in it!

More to follow soon---
If anyone wants the gluten free recipes please message me


Friday, 14 November 2014

Gingerbread Man

Happy Friday!

I am so glad it almost the weekend, I have got lots to get on with this weekend....

Looking to do some crafts with pickle, I have some festive fabric from a Sew magazine, which pickle wants to make into a tree decoration which you can put sweets if there won't be any sweets around in the next couple weeks anyway:))

Last night I sat down with a glass of mulled wine, classic Christmas music on and made this sweet felt gingerbread man decoration, I have the second one to do, which pickle wants to help stuff and sew, so maybe tonight.

Here he is..

The plan for Saturday is to get the Christmas cake in the oven, and then the puddings on Sunday, I also need you all to keep your fingers crossed as I am about embark on making my own Gluten Free Rough Puff Pastry.. this could be a challenge as I never do to well with pastry, however the thought of having Christmas without cheese straws and sausage rolls is just not an option.

The lights are starting to go up in the town and the switch on is next Saturday, one of my most favourite times in the Christmas calender.

I am also a very proud mummy as pickle has been selected to sing in the Big Sing Choir at a local theatre next month, (big smile on my face as I type this).

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bonfire night and Christmas treats

Good Afternoon...

It's been alittle while, this is due to Bonfire Night and having too many Christmas craft projects on the go at once!

I am already getting excited with pending Christmas Festivities, as they have already got the Christmas movie channel on the TV, the shops are now full to the brim with food, present ideas and decorations.

Bonfire night in our house was Saturday, it was good fun if a little wet at the end. The Fireworks where organised by hubbie, pickle enjoyed the giant sparklers and I prepared Hot Dogs for after... I did take some pictures but they are not really good enough to put on her, I am still learning the different functions on my camera, will get there in the end.

On Sunday I decided to start soaking the fruit for the cake, the smell is so lovely, can't wait to get baking it this weekend.

I have to declare having my first glass of mulled wine of the winter, hmmmmm oh and Gluten Free mince pie.

I have been getting some Christmas presents and pickles list is growing by the day..bless her ! Argos catalogues have alot to answer for!

However I have been getting on with my many making projects, hubbie snood is coming along me and the circular needles are starting to be friends :)))

Wrist warmers are a big thing in my house, here is mine and pickles that I made last year..

And here is another pair in the making for someone??? For who you just have to wait until 25th December - x

I am already having nightmares of the damage Mittens is going to do to our Christmas tree this year... 

As I was poorly on Saturday, pickle and hubbie went shopping and came back with this to cheer me up... I have to say it did the trick , (it plays music too)

Hope you all have a good week!

Monday, 3 November 2014

A little dress I made...

So a few months back, I was getting into my sewing bug.. and decided to make pickle a dress.
I took my time and learnt some new skills with my new sewing machine..

The dress turned out better then I expected.  What do you think?

pickle was very happy!

am thinking of making a Christmas dress, as I am struggling to find a nice dress this year.

Happy Monday

Saturday, 1 November 2014

happy halloween!

We had a very good halloween!

The kids played games, eat lots of sweets and went trick or treating! and according to them the best halloween ever!

I made a brain, pumpkin crispies, mummy hotdogs, cupcakes if course, cookies, witches blood, witches fingers and toffee apples (for the first time)

The weather was the hottest on record 18c very strange.
here are some pictures of our halloween

Happy Halloween