Friday, 11 September 2015

Five on Friday

Good Morning,

Well it's been a really sunny week, even though I still have my cold!, I am joining the lovely Amy at Love made my home for the Five on Friday!

So this week has been about flowers, Cath Kidston and the Changing Seasons, it's was pickles first week back at school and all is going well.

Here are my Five on Friday, hope you like them!

1.  Here are some Gladioli that we got last weekend, I love them and they always remind me of my Dear Nan who looks down on us from Heaven! as her name was Gladys

I love the way the sunlight is hitting the branches

2. My Orchid is still going strong which is a miracle as I usually drown them!, I have had advice from my friend who has loads of them. So I can't really take the credit.

3. This is my Cath Kidston make up bag that I made before the summer, I just love the fabric.

4. My love of Cath Kidston continues with this my Christmas Organiser, I saw this on another blog website and straight away thought I must have one.

And Finally...

5. This is a plant in my garden - the leaves are starting to change, so Autumn is on it's way! By the end the leaves will be a deep red colour.

So there we are my Five on Friday, I hope you liked it!, Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous posts.
Have a nice weekend!