Saturday, 28 February 2015

scavenger hunt -February 2015

This is my first scavenger hunt I am joing greentumbs for the scavenger hunt.

This is my lovely daffodils


My lovely heart picture

Is ....3 for me hubbie and picklexx

Something beautiful..

My pickle of course!

favourite colour is my scarf multi coloured depending on my mood.


A choccywoccydoodah bird yummy

On the road

snow at the beginning of the month


In my kitchen


menu in donkey pub.


I have many...

corner of my home

hubbie and pickles guitars

my sewing machinex

hope you enjoyed it

Monday, 23 February 2015

Half Term Fun!

Good Afternoon,

Thanks for the comment on my previous post, tests still pending, but onto nicer things...

I had a nice half term, On the Monday me and pickle went swimming and had lunch at Costa coffee, which was very nice and in the afternoon pickle wanted to go out on her scooter, which we did even though it was raining.

Before half term I brought a Hyacinth for my desk at work and when returning mid week it had started to bloom and the smell was so lovely, here it is now...



On Wednesday  I was off again with pickle and we decided on a day out to Brighton, which we both loved, and involved Lego shop, H & M, new school shoes, and lunch at Zizzi, which was yummy and no trip to Brighton can go ahead without a visit to Choccywoccydoodah, where pickle picked a lovely white chocolate love bird to bring home...

My treat was wondering around the lanes spending time with pickle and window shopping in Cath Kidson, Steamer Trading etc and a little purchase from Molton Brown.

On Friday we made Sushi for dinner...

This has alway been fun to make and pickle does it all by herself now, apart from the cutting with the sharp knife.

Have a nice week and thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday Sunshine!

Good Afternoon,

Well the sun is out and shining brightly which is nice, I have not been feeling very well and am awaiting further tests, so there maybe breaks in my blogging.

Happier things, well Hubbie treated me on Valentines day, with some lovely flowers and wine!

It was sunny on Sunday, so Mittens was happy stretching out on the sofa, I have never seen a cat layout like Mittens...

It's half term, so I had Monday off with pickle, I took her swimming and than out on her scooter in the afternoon.

Sally the sewing machine is coming along nicely, I have cleaned and oiled her and I managed to work out the bobbin and treading the 1930's Singer, and I got to stitch for the first time on Sunday.  

Have a nice afternoon and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tuesday Thoughts!

Good Afternoon,

So it's a grey and cold day here in Sussex, I have finally managed to buy some Daffodils, and I have also brought a Hyacinth for my desk at work. Cannot wait for it to flower:))

So we picked up the vintage sewing machine on Saturday, pickle has named it Sally!, she is from 1939 made in Clydebank.  I have order some oil and a new belt for her, and am looking forward to getting her up and running soon.

Here she is with the sunshine hitting her! (I know I am very excited about this).

I didn't manage to getting started on my knicker making at the weekend, but did manage to make this pretty purse for pickle, it was the first time I have done Amigurumi, the first time I had to undo it as I instantly went into crochet in rows as appose to spirals!

I think I need to work on my tension as I used more yarn then supplied hence the colour change pickle didn't mind, it came with the Simply Crochet recent issue.

Once I got going I really enjoyed it.

So I have decided to try the same crochet stitch and make a Daffodil Spring Wreath, now supplies purchased....

The cutting mat is for a project which will evolve over the course of the next few months...A memory quilt from pickles baby clothes.

Have a nice afternoon, hopefully the sun will come out to play soon!
Thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoyed my blog.

Friday, 6 February 2015

What a lovely surprise!

Good Afternoon, it's Friday again!

Well I saw a post on blog the other day about knickers!, I see you smiling, yes making your own knickers and I thought hmmm, they sounds interesting!

So I want online to Sew over it, and there they have a kit with the necessary items, so I order, I now impulse buyer, but hay...
So yesterday it arrived, and look at the gorgeous packing, it was like going to a lingerie shop, all wrap in pretty blue paper, so cute.
So this will be my weekend project, so keep a look out for more,(don't worry I won't be modelling)haa

When I got home the other night I had a real hunger for family fruit loaf, so here it is prior to baking.,,

It snowed again yesterday afternoon pickle got excited as it was big flakes, but lasted about 5 minutes.

Have a nice weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!

Well we all made to February, and I know for most it's started white!, I had some snow (about 1cm) but that's about it.

So I thought as it Valentines Day this month, I would share with you 5 of my favourite heart decorations I have around our home.  We have a heart theme in most rooms, here is me taking 5 minutes to share with you my Five on Friday.

1.  Here are some Hearts I have made recently which will be made into a garland this weekend.

2. This is a picture we got sometime ago and pretty much got the whole heart theme going,

I love the way it feels like I could touch the twigs!

3. These little canvas pictures hang in our kitchen. Hubbie got these a a very nice treat one weekend.
I know they don't hang straight! Mittens keeps jumping up all over the place!

4.These hang in the archway to the dining room, it's ok as we are all short in our house, but sometimes catches visitors out :)

5. This is my Decopatch heart which me and pickle made together, so even more special.
Hope you enjoyed our heart theme, Thanks for stopping by,

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

So Excited....

Good Afternoon,

I am so excited, yesterday I won this on ebay !

I just had to share my news, I have been after a sewing table for sometime and have like the vintage Singer machine.

We are hoping to collect it this weekend!

So looking forward to it !

Take care

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

It's cold today!

Good Afternoon,

My word it was cold today and thick frost this morning, I thought I would just share with you these Daffodils from last spring that grow in my garden...

We got a new hamster - he is called Smokie, due to being grey and white, and very fluffy, the cat thinks it's her new toy!¬!

I have lost my tumble dryer :(( and am waiting to order a new one, so our house has turned into a Laundry! not good with the cold weather.

Mittens is getting bigger by the day, and is very cheeky.
I think the green eyes say it all!

Have a good day,

Monday, 2 February 2015

February at Last!

Good Afternoon,

Yay, January is over, I am so glad, I find January a long month after the excitement of Christmas.  It's got colder here in Sussex at the moment, but no more snow yet!

The weekend was spent pottering around at home finishing some projects that have been kicking around since Christmas.

I promised to make hubbie some waist warmers, and here they are...

I got home Friday to a parcel of Stylecraft wool in spring colours, take a look, I love getting new wool, it's such a joy.

The big yarn on the right is Wendy Mode Chunky for my cape!(Another WIP)

So Saturday was a day of making, I finished my patchwork cushion cover for the lounge, I am very pleased with my first attempt of patchwork.

Pickle is learning Guitar at school, so it was lovely to see hubbie and pickle sitting down together to play some cords..
Sunday was a day of Roast Lamb, with all the trimmings, and some more knitting, my friends hubbie want a scarf but it had to be black, which I found odd, as I usually like bright colours, I did the cowl in moss stitch which turned out nice and not so plain.

Well hope you all had a nice weekend!

Thanks for popping by and hope you pop by again soon