Friday, 24 April 2015

Five On Friday

Good Morning!,

It's another sunny one here in Sussex, I am really enjoying the weather at the moment.

I am taking five minutes to share my Five on Friday, linking with Amy at

So here are my Five.....I hope you like themxx

1. Here is my little radio that I listen to every morning while making lunches and breakfast, I just love to start the day with some classical music, which if I went back 20 years would never of thought of me saying this!
Sorry the light in my kitchen in the morning is not so good, but from about 10.00am it's shining though all day!

2.Here is an up to date picture of Mittens, enjoying the sun coming though the lounge window, she is getting bigger all the time and cheeky at the moment, attacked the wallpaper the other day (least said about this the better!).

3.  I can't remember if I posted a picture of my finished scarf with all the colours, I got the idea from another

4.I am in the process of making a top for pickle, it's a pretty summer top, all I need is some more time in the day to sew it.  I love the bright colours, We have brought her some orange leggings to go with it.

5. I have joined the Owl and Sewing Cat, Sew a little secret, which has appeared in a few sewing magazines recently, it 's a local sewing shop for me, and I decided it would be great to receive a surprise every month.. here is this months... it's a cushion cover, however as my hubbie works for VW he is not to pleased with the VW campervan print!, Pickle however has already bag the cushion for her room.

Well, I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I am planning to decorate our bathroom, this is long overdue, as I have had the wallpaper, paint, accessories since before Christmas, but due to illness have not been able to crack on.  After that I am hoping to finish top in number 4, and get sometime in the garden, but we'll see, as my mum used to say!

Take Care

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happy St Georges Day!

Good Afternoon,

Happy St Georges day one and all!, that's what my pickle came out with this morning!

Image result for st georges day

So yesterday I picked pickle up from school and when we got home, she wanted to do some baking...
As it was someone in my office has Chickens and they had brought some fresh laid eggs,
Here are the eggs pre baking..

And here are the cupcakes, as you can see their is a St Georges Day, Vanilla with Strawberry and Vanilla Buttercream frosting on top!

After baking, we popped into the garden to see what's growing, and the Wood Pigeon is back in her nest, (she disappeared earlier in the week), there are 3 eggs in the nest, we are lucky with get them every year!

On wondering around the garden, all the time pickle doing cartwheels, she loves being outside, I am across the Magnolia bush has now bloomed, and some other flowers(Sorry gardeners I am completely clueless with gardening) have come out!

On the way home I shall pop into the wine seller and pick up some St George's ale for hubbie,
Hope you all have a good day

Ps Thanks for all the lovely comments people keep leaving it's so lovely to be part of Bloglandxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tuesday Thoughts!My Pickle

Good Morning!

So it's another lovely sunny day in Sussex today!  it's so nice when you wake up and the room is lit up with lovely sunlight.

So back last summer, pickle and her friend had a stall at a local market, which I help organise and they sold their own handmade cards.
With the takings they donated to the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance, well at Easter they got to go and present their cheque to them, so proud here is the picture...

She had a lovely day (I was working so couldn't go with her), they spent ages at the location and looking around the helicopter.

She loves card making and I now can't remember the last time I brought a card, our trips to Hobbycraft involve lots of card making supplies being purchased.

Then the other day, there was a man collecting money in our town for the Blood emergency bike, on donating pickle got to sit on the bike, one happy girl.

Back in half term, we meet up with our post natal group, it's so lovely to get together every now and again, and the children just flow back into old friends, as do the mum's, there was coffee/tea, cake and sandwiches to be had, and lots of laughing.
We went to a very pretty and quick local recreation ground.
I have posted this under Rose of Inspiration, as our pickle is a constant inspiration and never stops surprising us.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Weekend!

Good Afternoon,

Well my weekend started very nice, A friend and me went out for dinner at our local Prezzo, which started with a couple of glasses of Prosecco and and a lovely gluten free pizza for me and Roasted Duck leg for my friend.
It was nice to go out and catch up we where the last to leave the restaurant!
On Saturday we did some tidying up and then hubbie, pickle and me caught the train to Lewes, as it' was Record Store day, there is a really great record store in Lewes,  Union Music Store.

They had live bands playing during the day, and Harveys Ale which pleased hubbie very much.. as you can see.

My friends hubbie was also DJ there in the afternoon, so we caught up with him, and then we wondered around Lewes, it's a great place to look around, lots of independent shops and antiques halls.

On Sunday the sun was shining again, so Pickle and me washed our car and mowed the lawn, and then it was bike ride time...

As we walked/cycled we came across this pretty blossom tree and a very pretty pond, I have never noticed before.

And what better way to end the weekend then a cup of Tea and a slice of Banana loaf.

Hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed the weather!

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thursday Baking..

Good Afternoon,

So with spring in the air and the weather being lovely, look st view put the window

Pickle and me thought we would make some cupcakes
here is the strawberry and vanilla gluten free cupcake batter waiting to go in the oven.

We also made lemon and cinnamon and maple.

I had a go at making gluten free scones, which are always a challenge, but these turned out ok, now just need jam and cream.

Will post finished cakes tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Yarn along

Good Morning,

So I have a couple of yarn projects on the go, both for my holiday in the summer!,

First one is my lacy shawl, It's the first time I have tried such a lacy crochet stitch and I am getting used to it.

I am hoping to finish this soon....

My second project is my crochet granny square bag...
This is the wool I have choosen and it will have a fabric lining, the same as my PJ picture here.

I am making slightly bigger than the pattern as I want to use as a beach bag, picture of completed bag to follow soon.

I am new to this link up, so thanks for stopping by.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Five on Friday

Good Morning!,

Well it's a lovely sunny morning today, and it makes me feel so much better.

So I am taking 5 minutes out of my day to share with you my Five on Friday, this is linking with Amy from Love made my home.

So here is my Five on Friday

This is Mitten in the hamster cage!, luckily the Hamster in the the ball having some exercise, Mittens was most upset when I had to remove her. She is so cheeky!


Some pretty Blossom on a tree near me, Sorry picture abit blurry, I love it when everything springs back into life!

My new project, a lacy shawl/wrap for holiday, I am enjoying learning the new stitiches.


Still very much in love with my old Singer machine, I have enjoyed reading the Secret of Singer Girls book and wonder what my machine has been used for in the past....hmmmm

This is probably my last daffodils picture, it's time to take the Easter decorations down for this year, oh well time to buy some flowers instead!

Have a great weekend, thanks as always for popping by.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Pretty Places and Easter Makes!

Good Afternoon,

So Easter weekend has come and gone, just like that! The weather on Good Friday was wet and grey on the south coast, so a trip to hobbycraft was in order, we are planning to Decopatch our window ledge in the lounge and dining room and managed to find some nice paper. More update on this to come.

Then it was time the Easter Egg hunt and due to weather this was inside,

And this was what Mittens thought of the whole thing....
And yes that is a tissue box, she has made a bed in.

On Saturday we popped out to Pevensey Bay, which is a pretty seaside town, here are some pictures of the beautiful old buildings..

There is also a really old Norman church and the Castle..

We stopped and had a very lovely pub lunch and it was a lovely finish to the day out.

Here is a picture pickle took of some daffodils

Sunday was a restful day at home, pickle eating Easter eggs (which we will have around until the summer holidays)

I however got on and made my knickers, I know it's been ages since I received the pretty box with all the items inside but here is the finish product. I really enjoyed making them, they are tricky due to the fine fabric, however I have already purchased more fabric etc to make some more.

And I also managed to make some PJ bottoms for me, I made these in around 3 hours using both Sally the old 1939 singer and my modern day machine for the finishing around the waist and ankles.

It was lovely weather on Monday, so I cut the grass and did some weeding in the garden but I have along way to go with that.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Good Morning,

Well is grey here this morning but here are some Easter pictures

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Scavenger Hunt - March 2015

Good Afternoon all,

Here are my pictures from March Scavenger Hunt, if you want to join in, go to

It's good fun to do, sometime you really have to think about the pictures, so here you go:


The Easter Wreath pickle made at the weekend.


Here is my Mother's Day card!

View from my work window

Printed art on my wall


This was the skyline of the downs from a pretty little village in Sussex

Favourite Word

My favourite word and place...


Pickle on her scooter!


Image result for roll top bathMy Dream bath!

The Barbie Car!!


My Easter Plate on the table
Something I made

My Scarf is finished!

Whatever I like

My Easter Tree, Wishing you all a very happy Easter, thanks for stopping by