Monday, 30 November 2015

Scavenger Hun - November 2015

Good Morning,

Well I can't believe another month has gone by!, and now it's onto happy place.

So here is my Scavenger Hunt finds for November, This is organised by the Suzzie at Greenthumb.

A Stranger

This little stranger came to see us!

Looking Down

Back in the Summer in garden.


Went to see the Take That Experience with my friend who passed away this week,

The Weather

This was the snow last year.


The colour of this big cloud was so strange yet beautiful.


My lovely hubbie brought this for me, blessx


I do like a dipping oil.

Out and About
A day out in Lewes, East Sussex - one of them places you can spend hours wandering around.

Me being festive, roll on Christmas.


This is a hole in Pevensey Castle wall.


One lonely Butterfly sun bathing.

It's now time for Christmas.

Hope you liked my Scavenger Hunt.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Five On Friday

Good Afternoon,

I am in a very sad place today, We lost a lovely, cheerful and caring lady yesterday, and there will be a bright star in Heaven tonight and every night because of it.

This picture is one of the last pictures of my mummy friends together the lovely lady is on the far left.

Onto the post, I am joining Amy at Love made my Home for this weeks Five on Friday.


Last weekend was the Christmas Light switch on, which our pickle sang at so proud.

The bottom one is the tree last night. so pretty.

Loving the Christmas Costa Coffees!


Here is my Seaglass shawl taking form.
Using Stylecraft DK for a warmer version this winter.


A Scarf in progress


Some festive baking last week, sausage rolls Yummy!
Hope you all have a nice weekend. Love to all

Friday, 20 November 2015

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Well there's a chill in the air today, and we have a festive weekend ahead.  Pickle is singing in the Choir for the towns Christmas light switch on and I am one proud mummy, I have a feeling I will need tissues!

Anyway, I am joining Amy at Love Made My Home for this weeks Five on Friday,  I have gone on a festive feel, sorry for all those not feeling Christmas yet, but in our house it's started already.


Gingerbread Lady,

Isn't she cute her name is Franny, we got her last weekend, I just love gingerbread, I usually make a house every Christmas.


Poinsettia, Hubbie came home with these beauty the other week, I just hope I don't kill before Christmas.


Christmas kitchenware, here are a couple of my Christmas Kitchen items, they are ones we have collected over the years, the tin stack came from Whittards.


Festive Smell, I saw this on blogland somewhere and thought what a great idea, simmer water, cranberry juice, cranberries, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, pine branch, cloves and satsuma's and it makes the whole house smell yummy.


Christmas Pudding Mix, here is the fruit soaking for my Gluten Free Christmas Puddings.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Five on Friday and have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

The post about The Blanket and The Blind!

Good Afternoon,

Well a few weeks back I joined my first CAL, which was organised by Sandra at Cherry Heart. It was my first crochet blanket, but I thought I have to start somewhere..

Well I have to say I really enjoyed it and am looking at making another one already, I ordered the Stylecraft wool pack from Black Sheep Wool.

Here are some pictures of my finished blanket.

Oh how I love it so..
This was when it was WIP

Here is the wool I used, I have some left over so thinking of making a matching cushion.

Did you join in the CAL? I think it's fab that thousand of like minded people from all over the world took part.  I learnt so many different stitches and can't wait to start another one.

At the weekend I also managed to make a blind for pickles bedroom, here it is before sewing

And here it is completed and hang up. It's made her room so much warmer.  I ordered the fabric from Plush Addict, which was great and delivered to my door.

This is the 3rd blind of this type I have made, but by far the best due to getting better at sewing over time.

I now have a Seaglass shawl on the go, but I am making it with DK stylecraft from my stash - Raspberry, Parchment and Gold.

I got to try out the dough hooks on my mixer this weekend, I am so not good at kneading bread so they are a god send!,

 here is the bread...
It looks lovely but the taste is not so great, I have real issues making Gluten Free bread, it smells yummy and this time it raised in the tin prior to baking but turns to a brick when cooled:(
Any advice bread makers out there?

One thing I will say is I have managed to find Silly Yak pastry block which is Gluten Free and it's perfect for cheeses straws, mince pies etc, I was not looking forward to another Christmas without Cheese straws and sausage rolls.  Now I can smile a very happy smile.

Well that's all for now, tonight will be time to soak my fruit to Christmas Puddings.

Take care and keep safe dear friends

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

On my needles....socks

Good Afternoon,

It's a very windy and wet afternoon here now..
Here is a photo from my office window, we have a lovely berry tree in the garden which is full of berries.

As I explained before I am lucky to work in such a old building, it's been an Inn, Post Office, Work house, Tea Room and now Council Offices, it dates back to 1540.  

So at the moment I am knitting my first pair of socks on DPN's, which I have to say has been a challenge but now I am really enjoying it.  I got the pattern and help from Winwick Mum, all the help and pictures have made it even better.

Here are mine so far

I have a feeling it's going to a long task as I am fitting it in between Christmas gifts etc.

I also made this crochet phone case sometime back but didn't manage to share with you all.

Well, I hope you all stay safe and warm.  Back to more Christmas organising.
Take care and thanks for all the lovely comments you leave.

Monday, 16 November 2015

A Strange Weekend

Good Afternoon,

I would like to start with sending Prayers to all involved in the horrific events in Paris on Friday...At a time like this, there is no words just Prayersxx

Saturday dawned grey, wet and windy which was in keeping with the worlds mood.  Pickle had a birthday party at Lewes at 9am, we don't usually get up that early on weekends, but off we went, Pickle had a fab time 2 hours in a large soft play with 60 other children.  On that note Hubbie and Me walked into Lewes, we had a breakfast in Bill's which is a lovely cafe/shop.

I had a coffee and Eggs Benedict which was amazing and Hubbie had a huge pot of tea and a full English breakfast, which was just what we needed before a wet walk around Lewes.

We popped into Harveys Shop which is a favourite of Hubbies, he loves local Ales and we now have a few local breweries in Sussex.
I think I will get one of these for Christmas present from pickle.

I love Lewes it's one of them places that you can just wander around.
Sorry about the light it was a very grey day!

On our way back, we saw this fab house boat.

After collecting a very happy pickle we set off for Brighton, however the traffic was bad, note to anyone if you want to shop in Brighton don't arrive at 11.30!.  So we want to Brighton Marina instead, never been before and with Free Parking it was worth a stop.  We brought a lovely Gingerbread lady and some candles.
We stopped for a drink before heading back, partly to dry out from the rain, the pub had this unsual timber and stone wall staircase.

The rest of the day was relaxing at home in the warm.
Sunday was again wet and windy, great day for crafting..we baked cheese straws, cookies and had a roast beef dinner.
I managed to sew a blind for pickles room - no picture yet. After I relaxed with a glass of red wine and some crochet and sock knitting.

Hope you are all well and stay safe!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

Hope everyone is well, it's been strange weather here today, sunny one minute and windy and wet the next, but could be worse as the north of the country is braving Storm Abigail.

Well my Christmas preparation is well underway,  I have managed to organise what I am making for people and for the home.

I have started some Christmas cushion covers, which I will post about soon, just not enough hours in the day!

So it's been a couple of weeks since my last Five on Friday, but today I am joining Amy at Love Made My Home and sharing my Five on Friday.


Here is me in the Children in Need..I also have a badge on but you can't see it.

Poor picture as at my desk at work!


Pickle and me had a lovely afternoon yesterday, we went shopping in the high st for a birthday party she is going to Saturday and got some Christmas wrapping paper and paper chains, we finished off with a trip to Costas for Festive drinks and snacks pickle had this Black Forest Hot Chocolate.


So picked up the Argos Christmas brochure and keep seeing lots of thinks some arts things for pickle.


Hubbie gave me my Christmas present early, this is just so fab, a real mixer I may now be able to make bread!


Both of us last year Ice Skating and the rink is back again this year can't what to get the skates on!

As you can tell I just love this time of year.. I have started a Seaglass Shawl for myself, it's a new project I have way to many on the go at the moment.
I have a feeling the sewing machine will be none stop this weekend with gifts to finish.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Monday, 9 November 2015

Knitting and Crochet therapy..

Good Afternoon,

Well this weekend went in a blur, it seems like as soon as it's Friday I am getting up on Monday.

Saturday was a great day wet and windy here, so just did housework and sorting out for Christmas.  We then had friends round in the evening which was lovely.

I want to share an update, Halloween weekend I went into hospital for my scan and I have been diagnosed wih Diverticular Disease, so I finally have answer to my problems, now I just have to see a consultant to find out where I go from here.

I am feeling sore still and a bit lost but hopefully can start to more forward soon.
For my Therapy at the moment I have been working on my knitting and crochet, I have finished my SOL CAL, pictures to follow on a separate post but I will say I have so enjoyed this CAL and am looking to make another one soon.

Here is a cowl that I am working on for pickles Christmas present it matches her hat.

Also I have started my first pair of socks using DPN's and I am enjoying it, it's not going to be a quick project but I will take my time and get it right.

here is the progress.

I am trying to get organised with what to make for Christmas presents, I think I am there, so it's time to dust off the sewing machine and get on...

On a different note when I took the Halloween decorations down the lounge looked bare, so I have left some pumpkins out and made this centrepiece.

Oh well it will soon be time to sort out the Christmas decorations...can't wait love it!
Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Weekend Break Away - in quiet sussex

Good Afternoon,

At the beginning of October, Pickle, Hubbie and me went on a lovely weekend break.  It was only 45 mins drive from home but it was in a caravan in the middle of nowhere, so the plan was to arrive there and just relax, no driving, quality family time together.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, we had a nice caravan very cosy and it sit high up so you could see out over to the forest.

Here is the view from our caravan of the old manor house!

We ate onsite, followed by the necessary game of bingo! Eyes down and looking!

I awoke early Saturday morning and watched the sun come up thought the trees in the distance, it was so peaceful.
The caravan site was in a many acres of land, so after breakfast off we set for a walk...

Pickle loved the giant seat!

In one of the fields there was a pile of wood chippings and it had become home to lots of Fungi.

They had a lake in the middle of the site, which you could fish from, off from here we find this hidden waterfall

After walking for about 3 hours, it was a stop at the clubhouse for refreshment and a game of pool.
Did manage to get a swim in, no pictures of that.

Saturday night was dinner in the onsite restaurant/bar and music.

Sunday was another lovely day, pickle wanted to go to the park so off we went, while hubbie did breakfast.

We then went swimming again, followed by a lovely Sunday roast.  In the afternoon another walk this time over a bridge and it had a pretty Paddleboat.
Then it was quiet time with some colouring and crochet.

It was just the most relaxing weekend, and hoping to pay a visit again next year.
Hope you enjoyed