Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday Thoughts...

Good Morning,

I thought I would share with you, somethings about me today, I am Mum and Wife, I have a little pickle who will be 10 this year, can't believe how the time as gone, it still feels like she was 1 a minute ago.

My hubbie travels to London everyday for work, for which we are grateful for as I know this is very tiring for him.

So this leaves me being the homemaker as well as working.  I love our home, it's a family place filled with love.

So my day starts at about 6.30am, doing lunches and organising for the day ahead, While I potter around my kitchen I enjoy classical music coming out of my little green radio..

Once hubbie has gone on his way..I enjoy a lovely coffee from my machine, I have to start the day with Tea you see, so by about 7.15, I am in need of a coffee fix...
I just love these mugs..
So we then go about our day - school run, Choir for pickle, work for me, however I do love my job and I work in really old building, it was built around 1600s, it's been a post office, workhouse, photo frame shop, coffee shops, home and now Council building.

This is the view from my office window!

Than back home again to start with the evening routine, Dinner making, cleaning, washing, ironing and maybe a sit down inbetween for some knitting...but usually not till later.
This is a neckwarmer I finished for myself last week. It's moss stitch with WI double knit yarn.

Something else about me - I love flowers, I have to have them in the house, at the moment it's Tulips or Daffadils..but this will change with the seasons.

We have a cat called Mittens who is completely mad!

In the last picture she wanted to come to school/work with us!

So that's just a little post about me, hope you didn't mind me sharing with you!
Have a great day!