Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Life366 Project - Week4

Good Morning,

I am joining Lola and Lane for this link up of weekly posts, it's such a great idea of sharing moments in your week, as the weeks seem to go by way to quickly.

Thursday 21st January

Here is my spring wreath I am starting to make, looking to do some more sewing this weekend. I so love making things.

Friday 22nd January

Decided to treat myself to a Gin Martini, I don't do this that often but after the week I had I needed it!
While watching the Second Best Marigold Hotel, loved this film, I think Maggie Smith is fab.

Saturday 23rd January

Woke to more vertigo today, so was feeling poorly, Hubbie got me some pretty mini daffadils and scallops for tea!

Sunday 24th January

This was a day of crocheting, I am making my second Spice for Life blanket and pickle wanted some cupcakes! they are vanilla, maple and cinnamon and almond with mixed fruit.

Monday 25th January

While all the Easter eggs are in the shops and I really felt the need for Mini eggsx

Tuesday 26th January

So this is how I start my day, a cup of coffee from my Dolce Gusto machine and classical music on my pretty green radio!

Wednesday 27th January

So when I popped out at lunchtime, I found some bargain sewing patterns only £1.00 each, so happy place for me.
Well that was my week!, hope you enjoyed my pictures
Take care and see you next week