Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Life366 Project//Week 3

Good Afternoon,

So I am joining a new link up organised by Lola and Lane and it's a weekly link up about your life really, so here are my pictures from over the last week.

Thursday 14th January 2016.

I was not feeling too good as a bout of Vertigo had taken hold of me, so mainly resting at home in the afternoon, hoping the world would stop spinning at a different pace to me. So no picture for this but dreaming of this....

Friday 15th January 2016.

Took it easy with a large cup of tea and some books...Love Downton Abbey cookbook, and Cath Kidston Sewing!

Saturday 16th January 2016.

Was still feeling unwell, so taking it easy with some sock knitting!
Sunday 17th January 2016
It brought snow to our part of the UK, my little pickle was up at 7.30am and outside in the snow by 7.45am!
Here are some of our photos...and yes hubbie did have shorts on with his wellies!

After that we went shopping got some paint for the hallway and living room, and a little stop at Hobbycraft here are the finds..

Monday 18th January

It was a really cold walk to school and work this morning, but I got the chance to wear my new Welliebobs! I love frosty mornings. it was a lovely Beef Stew for dinner, I so love comfort food in the winter months.
Tuesday 19th January

Frosty morning again, and it stayed all day..Here are some pretty pictures from our town, love the pond when it freezes over.

Wednesday 21st January

A long day for me, after a full day at work, back at 7pm for a meeting, so not much happened on this day, however hubbie brought me some lovely tulips.
We are hoping to do some flower pressing this week, as it was a Christmas present for pickle.
Hope you like the photos!