Friday, 29 January 2016

Five on Friday

Good Morning,

I do hope everyone is well!, So here we are the end of January already, it's wet and windy here in the UK again today.  

I usually don't like January but this year I have tried to embrace it more, and enjoy it for what it is, another month of the year!

So I am joining Amy at Love Made my home and sharing my Five on Friday, it's abit of a mixture this week.

I seem to have far too many WIP on the go, I have 2 pairs of socks, Spice of Life blanket, Balaclava, a summer dress to sew and a spring wreath to finish! I really need an extra 5 hours in my day just for these lovely things.

Anyway off we go...


As it's been a very wet winter here, I treated myself to some Welliebobs from Joules, I really love them and they have fluffy warm lining, perfect as I don't drive so walk alot on Schools runs and to and from work.


Here is one of my WIP the balaclava for my step dad's birthday.


Here are my Daffadils in my office.   They cheer me up on grey days.


The postman delivered this lovely package of wool on Thursday, so excited it's lovely hand dyed wool Hawaii on the right and Jerusalem on the left both by Norah George, she sent it with Teabags, stitch maker and kinder bar - Happy Happy!


This is my sweet little pickle playing with her Lego Friends shopping mall and shopkins, I love the imagination children have.  She means the world to me and her dad.

Well I have shared by Five with you, I hope you like them.
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments I have had over the last couple of weeks, it means so much.
Have a nice weekend