Friday, 22 January 2016

Five on Friday!

Good Morning,

I thought I would share with you this week, my Five favourite books at the moment!,  I am alway collecting cook books, knitting books, crochet books and sewing books ( bit of a an obessions).

So I am joining  and sharing my Five on Friday with you all.

Hope that you are all keeping well in your part of the world, been a chilly one this week, see my previous posts for frosty photos.

My vertigo is still hanging around but not as bad as last weekend thankfully.

Anyway here we go....


Downton Abbey Cookbook

This is my newest purchase, I just love the series and am looking forward to getting the time to try out some of these recipes.

Lisa Faulkner

I could decide which one of the three is my favourite, I think the first one, as this is the one I go to more often. Little pickle loves the Krisipie Chicken and the Summer cake is lovely.



This book was hopeful when learning to crochet, it shows you all the stitches to get started and lots of pictures to help you along the way, I still use it now as a go to book when I am unsure.


Modern Vintage Gifts

This is a book released recently by another blogger Helen Philipps, the pictures and instructions are so great, I am in the process of sewing the colourful birds.


Cath Kidston Sewing Book,

I have made a few things from this book, including the folding bag that came with the book, I really like fabric she uses.

Well that's it for me, off to lunch with the Mum's now.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks as always for stopping by my blog.