Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday's Happy thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Well today is better weather than yesterday..Here it was grey, I couldn't even see the South Downs!

And these are my sunlit Daffadils on my work desk today, such happy flowers they make me smile each time I look at them.

So for me at the moment it's all about sock knitting I have been bitten by the bug, it all started when I came across Christine at Winwick Mum blog, she is such an inspiration. So it started with knitting pickle some buddy elf socks back before christmas they turn out ok but abit short due to time constraints! The yarn is from Norah George and it's hand dyed, I just love her yarn, she has a shop on Etsy.
Now I did post on my first finished sock for me and here is the second one on the needles (Very horrible needles as the wire keeps coming out and had to superglue it back in after losing 3 rows of knitting!) Have since ordered new needles!

And on short circular needles some for pickle, the yarn on both is Sidar Heart and Sole.

I managed to get some sewing in on Sunday, I love my sewing machine, hubbie brought it for Christmas 2014.

I have ordered a Tilly and Button Skirt pattern, which I am hoping the postman will deliver soon, as I have been saving some yummy Liberty fabric for it since last summer.
Here was my Sunday happy place and the little house I sewed, along with the birds for the Spring wreath (see previous post).

And my blanket is still coming along this my view from the sofa into my little basket of yarn, all Stylecraft Special DK.

Well that's it for today, keep well lovely people.

PS I need to find where I have put these Valentines Hearts I made last year hmmmmmmmmmm