Friday, 5 February 2016

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon All,

It's Friday! Yay I am so pleased it's nearly the weekend.  They are saying it will be wet and windy tomorrow as another storm is on it way to us.

Hubbie has plans to start painting the lounge, we have plans to update the house this year, and although I will be happy when it's done, I don't enjoy the thought of all the preparing before hand.

Anyway, this weeks Five on Friday is something different, I usually post about home life i.e making,baking etc but I thought I would share with you some of the places we have travelled.   I used to work in travel many moons ago so was able to do longhaul travel at a good price and this was before pickle.

So here are my favourite five places we have been...


Barbados, we got married there, it will be 15 years this year, time flies, anyway we got married in a beautiful old sugar mill.


New York, we was very lucky to go here twice, once before 9/11 and once after, love this city, it's like walking around a film set all the time.  Here is the view from the ground under the Empire State Building!


We travelled all the way to this next place for just 6 nights, It's Penang, Malaysia is such a beautiful country and some of the nicest people I have ever met, This is the temple we visit. Also some of the best food I have ever eaten.


New Oreleans,  will it was such a experience, it's the only place I know that when you walk into a bar at midday it's jumping like 11.30pm at night!, we did alot of walking here and was lucky to go on this original paddleteamer!


Last but no means least -- The Maldives, we even got to go on one of them Seaplane things, this place is so naturally amazing, the fish and marine life is so good, here is the island we stayed on.

And this was our room, the shower was outdoors and in the evening you shared with fruit bats flying over head.

Well I hope you enjoyed my global travel today, and thanks again for stopping by and leaving lovely comments.
Have a nice weekend!