Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Life366 Project - Week 8

Good Afternoon,

Sorry I have been absent again, got the dreaded bugs in our house, which for me means Chest infection, but popping the pills and starting to feel better today.

This is also helped by the fact the sun is shining brightly and feels like spring!

Thursday 18th February.

Half Term and pickle had a friend for the day, which result in bath bomb making, bowling and lunch out!
This is the daughter of the friend I lost to cancer in November last year, they are so alike it funny, pickle is on the left.

Friday 19th February

It dawned a very frosty day.
But finished my Patchwork cushion too
Saturday 20th February

My cold had taken route this day so not much to say.
But here are some wristwarmers for pickles friend above that I made.
Sunday 21st February

A day of rest and roast dinner, no pictures of this.
Made some cupcakes with Mini Eggs
Monday 22nd February,

Look what the postman delivered so happy!
Tuesday 23rd February

Have been recording Mary Berry on TV and had to make this flapjack/rice crisp crunch
Wednesday 24th February

Back to work as starting to get better, so was glad to be home for a large mug of tea and Country living magazine.

Well that's been my week, so looking forward to the weekend already, and spring as I am fed up with being poorly.  Anyway time for lunch which is tomato soup - yummy!
Take care and catch up again tomorrow.