Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Life366 Project - Week 5

Good Afternoon,

Well another week has gone by, I can't believe we are in February, however I do like it that we are edging closer to Spring.

I am joining Lola and Lane with a weeks worth of photos.

Thursday 28th January

Couldn't help but order more wool, this is pickles choice, it's 4ply hand dyed from Norah George.

Friday 29th January,

We love Friday's in our house, it's always an easy dinner and relax as the weekend is here!

These are some Daffadils again!
Saturday 30th January

It was a lovely sunny day in Sussex, and my cheeky Mittens was enjoying on the table!

Sunday 31st January

It was a wet start to the day..
So a day of sewing happy place.
Monday 1st February

Back to work and school etc, So grey and boring I couldn't even see the South Downs

Tuesday 2nd February

After doing the day to day things, it was time for sock knitting.

Wednesday 3rd February

Getting some Valentines sewing finished, made some hearts as I can't find the ones I made last year (not happy about that)

So that's my week, not to bad, looks of making in between everyday chores.
Have a nice and see you all again soon