Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tuesday Thoughs = Hello Spring...

Good Afternoon,

Well today couldn't be anymore less spring if it tried, it's grey, wet and windy, here is the view from my office.Yuk.

However home is a different story, my fabric hearts have been put away for another year, so now it's time for bunnies and Easter eggs.

I love March, I look forward to all the new green leaves springing into life, and flowers popping out of the ground to say hello. It also happens to be my Birthday this coming Sunday (yes the same day as Mother Day).

These bunnies I made last Easter, and over the coming weeks, the Easter things will be finding there way around the house.

On Saturday we popped to a local village called Alfriston, it's so charming, set in the south downs, here is the green with the church.  I just love that we live in the countryside and close to the sea.
here is the main town centre, it's full of small shops to look around, tea rooms serving Afternoon Tea, country pubs with log fires...

Outside the bookshop was this box drop box all made out of wood, it's amazing detail.

Also on the green was this old war mine, pickle find it very interesting.

We stopped for a drink in a little pub, and then made our way home in time for the Rugby match in the afternoon.

A friend of mine had a little baby boy a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to make some little booties, I so wish I had been able to knit, crochet and sew when pickle was a baby, oh well nevermind.

Well, I hope you are having a nice day, Here are some more bright daffadils to cheer you up!

I am having problems with the comments part of my blog any idea, I could see comments the other day now I can't, one of lifes oddies I guess.