Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tuesday Thoughts...


Well half term is here, I can't believe it but here it is all the same, my little pickle is happy as this means no rushing around in the mornings :)

I am looking forward to Halloween on Friday, I have some finishing touches to add to the house, so pictures to follow very soon.........
But in the meantime -Here is a sneaky peek...

Dismembered Fingers..

Little pickle has made a face on the butternut!

Saw some friends yesterday which was very nice to catch up, and see our children playing together so well.

I have managed to complete my first Christmas gift - for my mum, I cannot post a picture as she reads my blog! , now onto scarf for Little Pickle, I got the idea from another blogger - it's a fox scarf so cute, so keep an eye out for the picture soon.

I still cannot believe how warm it is!, I got all the winter clothes out at the beginning of the month with pending thoughts to cold mornings and the need for scarf, gloves, hats etc but still not needed yet, I have a feeling when it does change it will be a shock to everyones system!

Have a nice Tuesday