Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hello October!

Well Good Afternoon,

So Hello October as the thought of falling leaves, dark nights and getting ready for Halloween makes me smile and feel fuzzy inside.

Halloween is a big thing in our house, which has come along way from when I was little back then it just involved my mum getting a witches hat and making a dress out of a blackbag. However the love of halloween grow and  I decorate nearly every room with things I have made or collected over the years, and we all get dressed up including hubbie, and either go trick or treating or stay home to wait for little visitors with bowls of sweets..

The pumpkin pie recipe is located and ready to go, I make one for my father in law too, as he love pumpkin pie. As we have about 4 large craved pumpkins I end up with lots of flesh for stews, pies, soup and of course spiced cupcakes(which this year I will be making Gluten-free), I will also need to try to get to grips with Gluten Free pastry wish me luck!

I have seen some great posts on other blogs showing coloured corn so this weekend I shall be visiting our local garden centre in a hunt to find some.

I also trying to find time to start making my daugthers halloween skirt and top outfit, I don't know where my time goes at the moment, can someone please slow it down...

I have managed to finish my crochet lampshade cover, which I am pleased with as I have only been crocheting for alittle while.

At least my boring plain lampshade looks nice in the Autumn colour.

Now to start crocheting Christmas gifts and projects yay!
Have a nice afternoon