Monday, 19 October 2015

Weekend Make, Bake and Crochet

Good Afternoon All,

So still feeling unwell, but did manage to enjoy my weekend, even if it was mainly crocheting my Spice of Life Blanket, here is my wool basket ...

Here is my blanket to date, I have just done part 1 of part 5.

I am finding this very relaxing, and just what I need at the moment, I posted recently about being unwell and am waiting tests, my letter came and it's on Halloween, did not enjoy explaining to my pickle that I can't take part in Halloween this year, as I need to be sedated.  So to make up for it, we started decorating the house...

There is much more, but these photos will come soon..we love Halloween in our house, and this year won't be the same. sorry pips feeling sorry for myself today!

As always the weekend can't go by without some baking, here are some cupcakes..pumpkins spice, maple and choc chip and Cranberry and white choc

And a Blueberry roly poly for pudding on Sunday, which want down well in our house.

Friends of mine asked me a few weeks ago to make a headboard cover, I took my time and it's turned out well, just hope it fits!

It was nice to dust off the sewing machine again, I really must make my skirt with the lovely Liberty fabric I brought back in the summer.   

On Saturday night it was our towns annual Bonfire Night, pickle went with friends to see it, and the fireworks where really good.  Here she is melting marshmallows..after the parade.

I love Bonfire night, we will buy some fireworks for bonfire night at home in a couple of weeks, I love all the different celebrations in Autumn - Halloween, Bonfire and the best of all Christmas, I have already started planning for the big day.

So it was another restful weekend, trying to relax and enjoy Autumn.

Thanks for your lovely comments and catch up later in the week!