Monday, 5 October 2015

Spooky things in the Kitchen!

Good Afternoon,

Well after a lovely Autumn sunshine last week this one has started wet, not as bad as over in the US, so I am thankful.

As I was under the weather again last week, I did manage to do some baking at the weekend, as this always makes me feel happy.

I baked a bread pudding for hubbie

I don't like it so can't really comment.

Pickle wanted to make some breakfast flavoured cupcakes cakes, so these are Lemon and Blueberry.

For me, a Apple and Blackberry Crumble - favourite!

And there is something spooky starting to happen in my kitchen!!!!

This is the beginning of my Halloween decorations, it really does take me ages as I have so much now, so be prepared for more updates.

Hope to catch up again soon