Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Good Afternoon,

Well it was hubbie's birthday on Friday, so Taco's was the order for dinner, pickle enjoyed making cards for him and we decorated the house alittle bit, in between the Halloween decorations.

Saturday was a complete wash out for me, so hubbie and pickle had a lovely Father/Daughter day out to Bexhill and Eastbourne shopping.

Sunday I was feeling better, so the planned Saturday meal out was moved to Sunday, we want to a nice country pub not far from home, it was a lovely Autumn day - sunny and bright.
The pub had the log fire on which always makes me happy.

We had a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings and pickle had cheesie pasta.

I just love the beams and old furntiture, it was a lovely time out.

After lunch we popped to the garden centre...Christmas has already arrived here and I couldn't help buying some treats.  Some dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and a candy cane.

Here is photo of pickle and hubbie by the tree.

Halloween decorations are still going up, here is pickles halloween theme bed lights! not sure I would like green spiders by my head.

So once we got back home, I thought we could finish off our scrapbook that we started a couple of weeks ago, it's been fun putting all the keepsakes from Holidays, Easter and Christmas into this little book.

Then I was not finished there, once bitten by the craft bug you can't stop!, so I brought a skirt from a charity shop sometime ago, but could fit in it! so I removed the waistband, put some elastic in and added a hook and eye...now I have a pretty silk skirt to wear!(sorry picture is abit blurry)

And I managed to make a hairband out of the spare fabric of the waistband, and another orange one for Halloween both for pickle.

So even with Saturday being a wash out, I think I made up for it on Sunday, the weekend was finished off with a cup of tea and Downton Abbey.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!