Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fun on a Thursday!

Good Morning,

Well it was my turn to be off with pickle yesterday, so as I don't drive it was local things....

Before that a update..I finished the crab apple jelly and it's turned out really well and smells yummy, just love the colour reminds me of autumn.

So we took it easy yesterday got up had a breakfast of bacon butty -british classic!
then got ready, it was raining again, so raincoat needed.
We went to go bowling, but on arrival at midday next free slot 5.30pm mmm ok booked in for then.
So off to the shops , superdrugs for new nail varnish, toyshop for cool cardz refills and millies which is a lovely clothes shop and a new dress for me yay :))
Lunch at Prezzo - pizza , garlic bread ang gelto.

Then home for rest and back out for bowling, which was great fun.

Had a great day.