Monday, 10 August 2015

Starting a blanket and outdoor crafts...

Good Afternoon,

Well here we are again on a Monday afternoon, it's such a different day today compared to Saturday and Sunday which seemed like summer was here to stay, Hmmm than I remember this is England!

So it was a weekend of Sun, Sun and more Sun, I was really wanting a relaxing weekend and that's what I had...

My IBS is still in full swing, hence the need to relax, as this does help.  So Saturday was nice just sitting in the garden, paddling pool filled and ready for pickle, swingball all set up and Mittens enjoying outside, Mittens has now discovered that she can get up the fence, however when she does she is not sure what to do next and jumps straight back down again!

We have lots of Butterflies in the garden at the moment, here is one on the pool

Pickle took this picture!

Mittens also thinks it's a good idea to try to eat Butterflies, Bumblebees, honey bees, and anything else that moves!
I decided I wanted to finish the Decopatch Dolphin we started about 3 months ago!, and we also started a pretty heart garland that pickle had got for a birthday present from a friend..

Dolphin to the right of photo.

After a lovely day in the garden, I thought I would start my first Crochet blanket, I am doing a row of Double Crochet and a row of Half Treble Crochet then change colour, here are the colours...
The light is not so good on this picture..Sorry

So Sunday I got up early and went for a run, which was really nice,only people around was Dog walkers and runners.
It was really hot when I got back home at sit in the garden and had my coffee and cereal.
Again another day of games in the garden..swingball, croquet, target practise with Nerf gun and bowling.

It was such a lovely relaxing weekend, and hopefully more to come this summer.

Have a good week, Thanks for popping by!