Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Days out - Ducklings and pigs!

Good Afternoon,

As the summer holidays are in full swing, just wish the weather was keeping up!

We had a couple of days out....

Couple of weekends back we went to one of our favourite places - Middle Farm, just outside Lewes, we have taken pickle to Middle Farm every year since she was born.

Here are some photos...

The pigs were very happy with their food!

Then we paid a visit to a large local park, it's so lovely and has woods, play area and large duck pond, and of course Ice Creams!

It was lovely see the baby swans and climbing on the tree trunks.

Strawberry Splits - my favourite, Whats your favourite Ice cream?
This little fellow popped out to say Hello x

I have finished my crochet socks..pictures to follow this week, and am thinking of starting a crochet blanket - my first ever, so any advice on what the best patterns would be most helpful.

My weekend was not so good as my IBS is really bad at the moment, so missed the sunshine this weekend, hopefully enjoy it this weekend!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and thanks for stopping by