Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tuesday Thoughts!My Pickle

Good Morning!

So it's another lovely sunny day in Sussex today!  it's so nice when you wake up and the room is lit up with lovely sunlight.

So back last summer, pickle and her friend had a stall at a local market, which I help organise and they sold their own handmade cards.
With the takings they donated to the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance, well at Easter they got to go and present their cheque to them, so proud here is the picture...

She had a lovely day (I was working so couldn't go with her), they spent ages at the location and looking around the helicopter.

She loves card making and I now can't remember the last time I brought a card, our trips to Hobbycraft involve lots of card making supplies being purchased.

Then the other day, there was a man collecting money in our town for the Blood emergency bike, on donating pickle got to sit on the bike, one happy girl.

Back in half term, we meet up with our post natal group, it's so lovely to get together every now and again, and the children just flow back into old friends, as do the mum's, there was coffee/tea, cake and sandwiches to be had, and lots of laughing.
We went to a very pretty and quick local recreation ground.
I have posted this under Rose of Inspiration, as our pickle is a constant inspiration and never stops surprising us.

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