Thursday, 23 April 2015

Happy St Georges Day!

Good Afternoon,

Happy St Georges day one and all!, that's what my pickle came out with this morning!

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So yesterday I picked pickle up from school and when we got home, she wanted to do some baking...
As it was someone in my office has Chickens and they had brought some fresh laid eggs,
Here are the eggs pre baking..

And here are the cupcakes, as you can see their is a St Georges Day, Vanilla with Strawberry and Vanilla Buttercream frosting on top!

After baking, we popped into the garden to see what's growing, and the Wood Pigeon is back in her nest, (she disappeared earlier in the week), there are 3 eggs in the nest, we are lucky with get them every year!

On wondering around the garden, all the time pickle doing cartwheels, she loves being outside, I am across the Magnolia bush has now bloomed, and some other flowers(Sorry gardeners I am completely clueless with gardening) have come out!

On the way home I shall pop into the wine seller and pick up some St George's ale for hubbie,
Hope you all have a good day

Ps Thanks for all the lovely comments people keep leaving it's so lovely to be part of Bloglandxx