Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 17 Christmas in my home country..

Good Afternoon, 

For me the UK is my home country, so my traditions may seem normal to most people.

I have traditions which are general to this country...

Christmas trees, carol singing, watching the school play, eating turkey and all the trimmings Christmas day, and the joy of seeing all the towns and cities decorated for Christmas.

But I have traditions passed down my parents to me, that I have passed on to little pickle and also created some traditions of our own along the way.

My parents always took us to London to see the Christmas lights on Oxford St and Regent St, it was such a treat to see all the window displays.

My Mum taught me how to cook the Christmas food from cake, pies to the actual Christmas dinner, which I cooked for the first time when I was 13 years old.

So now me and pickle cook the cake from the same recipe and make the mince pies etc.

As for new traditions we try to go Ice Skating every year, here is a picture of this year.

We watch festive films like - Home Alone, I saw mommy kissing santa and we listen to lots of music.

Another tradition we do together is making a Gingerbread house, which is at present a work in progress, but it will be decorated with lots of sweets and icing.

And hubbie also brought along new traditions - 1 present each can be opened Christmas Eve, (I love this) and also driving around the area looking at all the Christmas lights on the houses.

So that's me, hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by
Merry Christmas!