Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 11 - Christmas Food what's on the menu?

Good Morning,

Ooh food again, it seems we like to do lots of feasting this time of year!

Due to my change in diet (Gluten Free) I have had to amend many of my recipes this year, but so far so good, even managed to master Puff Pastry (I Know!), If I didn't work I would spend most of my time in the kitchen baking.

So it's the usual but scrummy Christmas cake decorated by me and little pickle, we are going to square this year instead of round, and I think with snowmen, presents, and tree's on top, watch this space....

Mince pies, sausage rolls, cheese straws are all firm favourite's, however I may make a sausage plait this year, like my mum used to make when we were little.

Christmas Morning usually starts with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bacon for hubbie, and of course bucks fizz.

Now the Festive Lunch/Dinner depending on when we fancy eating now set times in our house just go with the flow of the day, I never really panic about cooking Christmas dinner I think because the first time I cooked it was about 12 years old as my mum was poorly at the time.
Anyway sorry gone of course!!

So it has to be Roast Turkey, Stuffing, Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Roasted Parsnips, and greens (No Brussels sprouts), with homemade gravy and cranberry sauce.

For pudding - Very traditional Christmas Pudding with cream, brandy butter, or baileys cream.

Then later - Sandwiches, pickles, red cabbage and more sweets, mince pies etc

My word it makes me hungry just typing this out, so looking forward to it!

I also cook a ham flavoured with Honey and Cloves,which we eat boxing day with cold turkey and pickles.

Hope you enjoyed my post