Thursday, 19 November 2015

The post about The Blanket and The Blind!

Good Afternoon,

Well a few weeks back I joined my first CAL, which was organised by Sandra at Cherry Heart. It was my first crochet blanket, but I thought I have to start somewhere..

Well I have to say I really enjoyed it and am looking at making another one already, I ordered the Stylecraft wool pack from Black Sheep Wool.

Here are some pictures of my finished blanket.

Oh how I love it so..
This was when it was WIP

Here is the wool I used, I have some left over so thinking of making a matching cushion.

Did you join in the CAL? I think it's fab that thousand of like minded people from all over the world took part.  I learnt so many different stitches and can't wait to start another one.

At the weekend I also managed to make a blind for pickles bedroom, here it is before sewing

And here it is completed and hang up. It's made her room so much warmer.  I ordered the fabric from Plush Addict, which was great and delivered to my door.

This is the 3rd blind of this type I have made, but by far the best due to getting better at sewing over time.

I now have a Seaglass shawl on the go, but I am making it with DK stylecraft from my stash - Raspberry, Parchment and Gold.

I got to try out the dough hooks on my mixer this weekend, I am so not good at kneading bread so they are a god send!,

 here is the bread...
It looks lovely but the taste is not so great, I have real issues making Gluten Free bread, it smells yummy and this time it raised in the tin prior to baking but turns to a brick when cooled:(
Any advice bread makers out there?

One thing I will say is I have managed to find Silly Yak pastry block which is Gluten Free and it's perfect for cheeses straws, mince pies etc, I was not looking forward to another Christmas without Cheese straws and sausage rolls.  Now I can smile a very happy smile.

Well that's all for now, tonight will be time to soak my fruit to Christmas Puddings.

Take care and keep safe dear friends