Tuesday, 17 November 2015

On my needles....socks

Good Afternoon,

It's a very windy and wet afternoon here now..
Here is a photo from my office window, we have a lovely berry tree in the garden which is full of berries.

As I explained before I am lucky to work in such a old building, it's been an Inn, Post Office, Work house, Tea Room and now Council Offices, it dates back to 1540.  

So at the moment I am knitting my first pair of socks on DPN's, which I have to say has been a challenge but now I am really enjoying it.  I got the pattern and help from Winwick Mum, all the help and pictures have made it even better.

Here are mine so far

I have a feeling it's going to a long task as I am fitting it in between Christmas gifts etc.

I also made this crochet phone case sometime back but didn't manage to share with you all.

Well, I hope you all stay safe and warm.  Back to more Christmas organising.
Take care and thanks for all the lovely comments you leave.