Monday, 16 November 2015

A Strange Weekend

Good Afternoon,

I would like to start with sending Prayers to all involved in the horrific events in Paris on Friday...At a time like this, there is no words just Prayersxx

Saturday dawned grey, wet and windy which was in keeping with the worlds mood.  Pickle had a birthday party at Lewes at 9am, we don't usually get up that early on weekends, but off we went, Pickle had a fab time 2 hours in a large soft play with 60 other children.  On that note Hubbie and Me walked into Lewes, we had a breakfast in Bill's which is a lovely cafe/shop.

I had a coffee and Eggs Benedict which was amazing and Hubbie had a huge pot of tea and a full English breakfast, which was just what we needed before a wet walk around Lewes.

We popped into Harveys Shop which is a favourite of Hubbies, he loves local Ales and we now have a few local breweries in Sussex.
I think I will get one of these for Christmas present from pickle.

I love Lewes it's one of them places that you can just wander around.
Sorry about the light it was a very grey day!

On our way back, we saw this fab house boat.

After collecting a very happy pickle we set off for Brighton, however the traffic was bad, note to anyone if you want to shop in Brighton don't arrive at 11.30!.  So we want to Brighton Marina instead, never been before and with Free Parking it was worth a stop.  We brought a lovely Gingerbread lady and some candles.
We stopped for a drink before heading back, partly to dry out from the rain, the pub had this unsual timber and stone wall staircase.

The rest of the day was relaxing at home in the warm.
Sunday was again wet and windy, great day for crafting..we baked cheese straws, cookies and had a roast beef dinner.
I managed to sew a blind for pickles room - no picture yet. After I relaxed with a glass of red wine and some crochet and sock knitting.

Hope you are all well and stay safe!