Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Garden Fun and My 100 post!!

Good Afternoon,

Well I can't believe this is my 100 blog post, I thought I would never even get to 20!

This weekend was lovely again, so most of the time spent in the garden.  I do love getting outside in the summer months, games in the garden, BBQ and fresh air.

The garden is starting to look pretty with colour, which is a miracle as we are not the most green fingered family.

Here are some pictures...

 Since picking up Mittens from her holiday at the cattery, she seems much more relaxed and we have introduced her to the outdoors, I really cannot go though another summer with all the doors and windows closed!, so she has really taken to going outdoors, and this her in the garden.

The other side to this, is that she thinks she can get out from whatever window, she is officially down to seven lives, after jumping/falling from upstairs windows, hmmmm
Don't worry she is fine, just wish she would learn.

So the paddling pool is now a permanent fixture in the garden. Well for as long as the warm weather continues.

Here is pickle enjoying a lolly in the garden, note the pink chairs they have all now been painted and have added some more colour to our garden.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far.. and long may it continue.

Back again soon, and thanks for stopping by