Friday, 24 July 2015

Five on Friday

Good Afternoon,

I am joining Amy from Love made my home and posting my Five on Friday.

I had to think about what to post this week, however I thought I would share with you some pictures from my holiday to Lanzarote in June, as most of you are now enjoying the start of your holidays!


This is the High rope course pickle wanted to do, she was loving it, I on the other hand was scared!, a couple of large glasses of wine afterwards, where needed.


These beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers where everywhere in the resort, they are my most favourite flower ever!


Two in one for this - a trip to the harbour/Marina was fab, tapas at the Blue note while listening to live Jazz music, and feeding the huge fish in the harbour was the highlight.


This is the twin tracker pickle and me raced on, I am on the other side!, she bet me hands down!
Such good fun.


More lovely Tapas at the beach front, my family!xx

Hope you enjoyed my photos from our holiday, it's always such a special time for us and we have so much fun, especially now pickle is getting older.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.