Thursday, 8 January 2015

Thursday Thoughts!


Well it was a very wet school run this morning, the kids seemed to like it, but I don't enjoy going to work in wet clothes( No I don't drive, so just me and my legs take me where I need to go!)

So wellies on and off we went, it so happens I love my wellies:

Once we got there I was looking out for one of pickle friends as I made him some Gluten Free Cupcakes for his birthday as he is Coeliac, I was so happy to see his smiling face.

It's a real mine field to bake Gluten Free and I am 35 years young and I find it difficult but at 9 years old it's tough, even sprinkles have gluten in them :(( but I managed to bake some and decorate without any gluten yaa!

Last night I made my Granny sqaure for the Be aware, make a square blanket donation for Meningitis, here it is in Teal, Petrol and Gold Stylecraft DK.

I haven't used Stylecraft wool before and oh my I just love it, love the colours will be ordering more soon.

As I sit here typing the sun keeps playing hide and seek, I hope it comes out for school run this afternoon.

So have a nice afternoon, and catch up again soon

Thanks again for visiting my blog

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