Friday, 30 January 2015

It's Friday!

Good Afternoon,

Well it's Friday! and it's suddenly gone very dark here in Sussex, UK, we had a snow shower yesterday evening but it only lasted a couple of minutes.

I thought I would share some pictures with you that I have managed to download from my Camera Yay!

Here is some pictures of the strange sky's we keep having...

Mittens just keeps getting more and more crazy, I think it's time to let her out this weekend!

I have been crocheting granny squares for the Beware make a Square - for Meningitis Now, here is my latest one!

Hubbie brought me some lovely spring tulips the other day, they made the lounge look more colourful. I am still waiting for daffodil's to arrive in the shops here:((

So shopping is order for tomorrow, I never enjoy the supermarket experience, and I am looking forward to reading the latest Country Living magazine, I enjoyed last months, as it had about Lewes in it, which is close to me and it's such a lovely town to roam around and enjoy variety of independent shops.

I really must get reacquainted with this...
I will keep dreaming of my own craft room,.... maybe one day!

Remember to stay warm this weekend and enjoy it whatever your doing!

Thanks for visiting my blog.