Monday, 17 November 2014

Let the Christmas bake begin!

Good Afternoon...

I had a very busy weekend, so I posted my fruit soaking for my cake last week, on Saturday this made it into the oven, in a square tin this year as per pickles request.

Before that we made Rocky Road, the smell of chocolate filled the air..

It does look better when covered in snow (icing sugar)

After that we made Sticky Gingerbread - Gluten Free of course.

Then it was time to try Gluten free Rough puff - mmmmmmm well I can't say we got on really, I think I need to do another 2 rounds of roll and fold to build up the layers, but the taste was better then before - Hubbie however did not agree and wants the original with gluten and more cheese!

The pastry was also used for Sausage rolls, however I ate them all before photos could be taken.

So that was just Saturday --- On Sunday,

It was Cranberry and White Choc chip cookies, some frozen for Christmas ( gluten Free again), these turned out every well and the kids have been eating them as quick as I could bake them.
Sorry but the light was so bad.

And Finally the Christmas Puddings - All 4 in total , the smell was lovely,can't wait for Christmas day!

I had such a great weekend, I love getting organised and knowing my freezer has goodies in it!

More to follow soon---
If anyone wants the gluten free recipes please message me