Friday, 14 November 2014

Gingerbread Man

Happy Friday!

I am so glad it almost the weekend, I have got lots to get on with this weekend....

Looking to do some crafts with pickle, I have some festive fabric from a Sew magazine, which pickle wants to make into a tree decoration which you can put sweets if there won't be any sweets around in the next couple weeks anyway:))

Last night I sat down with a glass of mulled wine, classic Christmas music on and made this sweet felt gingerbread man decoration, I have the second one to do, which pickle wants to help stuff and sew, so maybe tonight.

Here he is..

The plan for Saturday is to get the Christmas cake in the oven, and then the puddings on Sunday, I also need you all to keep your fingers crossed as I am about embark on making my own Gluten Free Rough Puff Pastry.. this could be a challenge as I never do to well with pastry, however the thought of having Christmas without cheese straws and sausage rolls is just not an option.

The lights are starting to go up in the town and the switch on is next Saturday, one of my most favourite times in the Christmas calender.

I am also a very proud mummy as pickle has been selected to sing in the Big Sing Choir at a local theatre next month, (big smile on my face as I type this).

Hope you all have a good weekend.