Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bonfire night and Christmas treats

Good Afternoon...

It's been alittle while, this is due to Bonfire Night and having too many Christmas craft projects on the go at once!

I am already getting excited with pending Christmas Festivities, as they have already got the Christmas movie channel on the TV, the shops are now full to the brim with food, present ideas and decorations.

Bonfire night in our house was Saturday, it was good fun if a little wet at the end. The Fireworks where organised by hubbie, pickle enjoyed the giant sparklers and I prepared Hot Dogs for after... I did take some pictures but they are not really good enough to put on her, I am still learning the different functions on my camera, will get there in the end.

On Sunday I decided to start soaking the fruit for the cake, the smell is so lovely, can't wait to get baking it this weekend.

I have to declare having my first glass of mulled wine of the winter, hmmmmm oh and Gluten Free mince pie.

I have been getting some Christmas presents and pickles list is growing by the day..bless her ! Argos catalogues have alot to answer for!

However I have been getting on with my many making projects, hubbie snood is coming along me and the circular needles are starting to be friends :)))

Wrist warmers are a big thing in my house, here is mine and pickles that I made last year..

And here is another pair in the making for someone??? For who you just have to wait until 25th December - x

I am already having nightmares of the damage Mittens is going to do to our Christmas tree this year... 

As I was poorly on Saturday, pickle and hubbie went shopping and came back with this to cheer me up... I have to say it did the trick , (it plays music too)

Hope you all have a good week!